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  1. [NAW3] Starting New Region

    Still have some spots open, I will be on for about another hour or so
  2. [NAW3] Starting New Region

    About 7 cities left
  3. [NAW3] Starting New Region

    still have some cities left
  4. [NAW3] Starting New Region

    Top left, look for the little cloud, click to expand
  5. [NAW3] Starting New Region

    Still have plenty of spots left.
  6. [NAW3] Starting New Region

    LOL, I probably wont win, but if I do, you I will pay you to cut my lawn...
  7. [NAW3] Starting New Region

    Hello all, starting a new region today in North America West 3. Region will be titled "Jackpot" for tonights Powerball jackpot of over 320 million dollars. I will set up the region for 16 cities, so plenty of opportunities for people to play and learn. I am no expert by any means, so don't be shy about trying. This will NOT be sandbox mode. Players can only claim one city. I will be setting it up at approximately 1405 central time, or 2:05 pm central for the civilians here. Lets give it a try and see how far we can take this thing. My origin name is the same as my tag on here. Shoot me a friend request and if there is room left, I will shoot you an invite. After that, if someone drops out, you will be next in line. Good luck!!!! DDS
  8. Best Tax Rates

    I have experimented with starting a city at 12%. Had good growth at the start, then everyone got pissed and started to leave. I then had the flexibility to lower taxes to 11 then 10%, still showing a lot of growth.
  9. Origin Friends

    Looking for some co-op games, no sandbox please. ID is "DetroitDrillSGT" Thanks