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  1. Show me the money! 1M+

    Create new city with more challenging terrain I guess? We need bigger map for sure...
  2. Show me the money! 1M+

    Too lazy to fix the city.
  3. Commerce city, a moneycube strategy

    I'm trying to re-create your city. Only hit 14k/h income, can't get higher. Mostly $$$ resident and commercial. Need your enlightment here. If you could post more detail about your city, it will be helpfull.
  4. There is no student commuting out or in. As you can see in that picture I attach, there is no "Travelling to" or "Travelling From" bellow Tech Level stat. This is because SimCity only simulate a little fraction of your population. For ratio about 1:10. (every 100 pop, they only simulate 10) So, my 80k pop city only got simulate about 8k pop, and if you input this to your calculation then it will make sense.
  5. I think your calculation about student and population is wrong. Look at my city You only need 3 grade school to cover pop 80k. So I think you don't need Grade school until your pop is about 15k. You only will wasting your tax money. It's more efficient to build police station to fight crime. And for my other city, I didn't build grade school or high school until I touch 200k pop. And after that I simply build 2 High school. to cover about 6k Student. So what Rhadamant5186 is true. You can always wait for pop is enough to support expense for education, and aim for community college or University directly. And I side with him again, about you didn't need grade school or high school to increase tech level. If you pre order this game you can build Dr. Vu tower, and increase tech level cheaper than build university.
  6. Commerce city, a moneycube strategy

    Did you use $$$ park or $$ park? How about the low wealth worker the commercial needed? The commercial will start screaming "need worker" right?
  7. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi, I'm -=XL=-. My Origin id is EkusuEru. (It's a Japanese pronounciation from 'XL'. That's what I think, pardon me if it's wrong, because I'm from Indonesia not Japan) SimCity is the first game I buy from origin, and I take SimCity 4 as a Free game EA offer. So I join simtropolis for searching information for each game. That's it, hope we have a good time. Thanks.