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  1. No Need for Land Value

    I'm not a modder by any means, however, based off the (very) little I know about modding the game someone might be able to create a ploppable or edit park values which would cause an Effect to the land-value in an area around them that would mimic what you are looking for a little better. I imagine if its a ploppable with modules that attach to it and each other, as is the case with the Police prescient, you could in effect have a low/no cost base module with little to no effect and a set of modules of varying cost and levels of effect and/or a single module with set cost you stack multiple times on the plopable to raise or lower the surrounding land values. In essence we could create parka in a bottle with a very small foot-print that could be placed in off-spots to create little spheres of influence with highly controllable effects to the surrounding land values. I base this partially off some of the existing Ploppables abilities and some modded ploppables I've been reading about. I should probably point out that I never used these mods I've just been keeping up with developments and not playing Sim City 5 in almost a year (It just was never worth it to reinstall when the updater started failing to upgrade around 1.7 ish; however some of these new developments are certainly making me curious..)
  2. I think each modder is trying to figure out this same info, it might be good to use a wiki or google doc to keep track of what you all learn about these attributes and how you go about a methodology for determining what they correspond. Then as you determine them you can update the wiki with the info so that others may simply look up if the values exist as known quantities and to what level of detail, and they both have a jumping off point for modding and for improving the knowledge of the mod community. if such a compendium already exists it should be able to be linked by a bot on the forums when people ask for info about values. just my 2 cents. I wish I could actually answer your question itself, but I can not.
  3. Thats untrue. Though even if it were true, I don't think anyone would care who had played the game even now, let alone in 1.6 or prior. I think he's just trolling.
  4. I haven't played since like 1.6, however, I think I finally went ahead and uninstalled SimCity since then. If not I'll let you know.
  5. >>but for example, have all low road densities show up as colored while the rest of the map is white (similar to going into edit mode for individual modalities). Once upgraded, they can turn white to indicate they are no longer in the low density street map. There could be low, medium and high density view options to select each density view.<< I'm not sure if someone can do this, though some existing maps do color roads, congestion data for instance. I suggest you either go with set colors for road types and shades of the color to indicate density, or do with separate xolors to indicate density and shades of the colors to indicate types (Avenue / Road ). A 3rd option is to somehow combine the coloration for cobgeation with the coloration for upgradability so that peehaps density is a shade of the congestion color or vice verse, though as this is a preexiating datamap it might be too confusing. Again, just a suggestion on how it could benefit us by look, no Idea if its a feasible datamap to impement..
  6. These mods essentially make the game playable, I can not get a refund since i bought digital copy, sso my money is wasted if I cannot use the mods. That said, there have been no isssues using any of the mods so far except that Gameplay has become far far better than before.
  7. Grade School or High School, Which to Choose ?

    not sure what this equates to, but I have about 14 to 16 K REAL population (Above the "Megolopolis" line in the population bar charts.) as I used the de-fudged numbers mod. All of my "Students" ONLY go to the Grade school and High School I bought, the numbers completely correspond. However I get an additional 2K students at the university and community college..
  8. FYI: Your link is to 1.0.1, you can click there, then click "Downloads" to get to the newest one (1.0.2) or go here directly: https://simcitypak.codeplex.com/releases/view/103805