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  1. Christmas 2016 Announcement

    Long time no see, but Merry Christmas!! Christmas 2016 Announcement
  2. Another background-style update! Background: An Architecture for Millions of Things
  3. Background: A Tale of Two Worlds

    A new update while something is cooking! Background: A Tale of Two Worlds
  4. How I'm getting along

    All the libraries I base my work on are already cross-platform (OpenGL, GLFW, ...). The most hairy thing I predict will be different video cards and their capabilities - I'm aiming for OpenGL 3.3 with minimal extensions there. The only other issue that I can foresee now is endianness for save game formats - but this is an old and solvable problem.
  5. How I'm getting along

    Hi everyone! Just a short one! How I'm getting along
  6. Liebe Simtropolisler! Endlich gibt's mal wieder bisschen was neues von Citybound: Now in German: Eine kleine Statusberichterstattung Ich freue mich wie immer auf eure Rückmeldung
  7. A Music Update From Dane

    Dane, one of the two composers working on Citybound wrote an update about his work! He doesn't have an account here, but if you have questions, I'll forward them to him. Anselm
  8. Can you open source what you had for CityBound before you decided to change to C++? 

  9. After just two years, I'm starting properly!

    This time no video, only text, but it's important! Blog Post: After just two years, I'm starting properly! Let me know what you think!
  10. https://github.com/citybound http://blog.cityboundsim.com/the-road-to-alpha-week-96-committing-to/ Let me know what you think!
  11. Finally a new update video! The Road to Alpha, Week 89 - Theory and Practice: http://blog.cityboundsim.com/the-road-to-alpha-week-89-theory-and-practice/ Let me know what you think!
  12. August 2015 Update - A week with Michael

    Posting from my phone, enjoy: August 2015 Update - A week with Michael
  13. Developer Diaries Discussion

    Right country, wrong city
  14. Developer Diaries Discussion

    New Update! (Can't seem to get titled links working in the new editor here...) Blog post: http://blog.cityboundsim.com/the-road-to-alpha-week-66-more-on-planning-mode/
  15. Developer Diaries Discussion

    Yes. The idea is that you can basically "pull" existing structures back into a new plan and then change them in the plan until you're happy. When you apply the plan, old structures will be demolished as much as necessary and rebuilt. Yes. Yes, when I get around to implement it, plans will be built gradually, also according to available budget. First it will be instant, though. Yes. These buildings would still be attached to a 'road' which just happens to be a pedestrian path. Pathfinding will take care of the required changes in transport mode.