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  1. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    I am sorry to hear that. It was a fairly unique and inventive idea. I'm sad to see it die.
  2. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    I also want to say that your buildings rule! On another note: How's your heliport comming along?
  3. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    I want to start off by saying that I really love your BATs Sim Goober. You have real tallent. That being said, I'm hanving some trouble with the new water towers. I have all of them. Unfortunately, they are not entirely functional. Each one does produce water, but the water will not travel through pipes. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  4. Tea Pot Water Tower

  5. Coffee Pot Water Tower

    I mean TMCM
  6. Coffee Pot Water Tower

  7. Smiley Water Tower

    Very well done!
  8. Smiley Water Tower

    Very well done. Excelent idea to put in the seasonal change.
  9. Large Water Tower Set

    An excelent piece of work.
  10. CPT Terrain Mod - Trees

    Just to update everyone... It seems that my McAfee software was misidentifying a harmless file as a trojan. My antivirus software is updated daily. After receiving today's update I removed all instances of Prockill-DF from the quarentine list. I then scanned my computer and there were zero harmful files detected. As I said before, I don't want to alarm anyone. I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention in case it turned out to be an actual problem. There has been no word from Cycledogg. Site staff said they are loking into this. I have PMed this new info to both Cycledogg and site staff. Andreas Roth: It is true that the .dat files are not a likely place for a trojan to hide. However, the CPT Trees mod comes with an .exe installer program. As I understand it, this is how trojans get around.
  11. CPT Terrain Mod - Trees

    Something you may want to check out. Earlier today, my McAfee antivirust software detected a trojan called Prockill-DF in the cycledogg columbus terrain mod. Now, before anyone gets alarmed, I checked with McAfee (online) and this is what they have to say about this threat: Virus Characteristics There have been reports of an incorrect identification in the 4629 DAT files of certain installer packages. This will be corrected in the 4630 DATs. I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this. Also, do you think its an error on the part of McAfee, or is there really a trojan in the file? I'm not trying to alarm anyone, but obviously this is something you may need to be aware of. I have PMed Cycledogg and site staff about the issue. I'll post here again when I receive more info. EDIT: DON'T PANIC. SEE MY POST ON THE NEXT PAGE.
  12. Sutro Tower 2nd version

    excellent work.
  13. Army Tent Series

    Looks pretty good in game. Would definitely like to see more of these military lots from you.
  14. Army Tent Series

    Alright!!! The military lots are finally starting to come out. Are these the first release for the BSC lots that I've been waiting for? Looks good. Will rate after I've seen them in game.
  15. Mapp Squad Kerrynton County

    Nice map.