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  1. Thanks! It came in handy with my now released European Beech tree. Script credited in the description of the asset.
  2. Lillebaelt

  3. AK Habour 1.zip

    Look in the description.
  4. Max material issues

    Hi and thanks for the help. I solved #1 by extruding all Windows with 2cm, cause some of the options like reflection and so don't seem to Work on 2D faces. I believe the setting you are referring to, is called "Thin-walled (can use single faces)" (max 2013). I'll try that one next time I play with Windows or glass. #2: I played with this for a Whole day, not getting any further. I can rotate the image in many ways, but I just can't find the right way for me. With all the options, there are litterally 100s of ways to do it. #3: I read several Places that this is not possible at all. #2 & #3: I then thought I was clever so I changed the map channel for different degrees of the roof, so that - as an example - roof that is tilted 35 degrees has one map number and so. I ended up with ~10 different map channels and assigned different angle to each, then adjusted the offset in X direction so that there was equally amount of Space between the lines. I did this because I thought that when you changed to a new map, the background would start all over every time. It doesn't! To illustrate what I mean, look at the attachment. It illustrates a plane divided up in 3 not equally sized polygons. #1 & #3 is map channel 1, #2 is map channel 2. There must be some kind of way to tell that the third plane should start all over with the grey tiles and not continue from #1.
  5. Large Residental building Hi. I've made a residental Building 3*13 in size. But the lot editor will not make me create Buildings larger than 6*6. I'd prefer it to be a ploppable residental.
  6. BAT4Max v.5

    Hi. I'm having some issues. In my exported file I only see parts of the Building in zoom 5 and those parts are not properly placed. But they look fine in preview. Maybe it has to do with SD/HD settings because I don't understand this. I see no SD/HD switcher in BAT4MAX, except for previews. I also have no SD/HD setting in BAT, only Draft, Low, Medium & High. I suppose I don't need to do some previews, before exporting.. or?
  7. Hi. New to building modding. I've started on a real life building, "The Wave" in Vejle, DK. First I made a lot of it in Gmax, but due to many crashes as well as output quality issues, I started all over in 3DS Max. But I'm having some issues, see attachment. 1) I made some glass that is used as fence for the terasses. But the dark side of the fences, the side pointing away from the sun, are rendered black. 2) The image I'm using for the roof, is not turned the right way. Seems Max believe the edge of the roof is the front, which it in some way also is because that was what I made first. But the roof top needs to be the "front". I made it exactly the same way in Gmax, but there the image was not switched. 3) Another issue is that the image is not following the curve of the roof. Don't know if it's even possible. Appreciate any help!
  8. Gmax export quality issues

    How's that related to quality settings? I'm asking for advice about what parameters controls the output.
  9. Gmax export quality issues

    It's about 2000 as I recall.
  10. Gmax export quality issues

    Well my Building is a lot nicer than the export, so what do I need to do?
  11. Gmax export quality issues

    I guess it would be easier if a moderator just moved the topic to the right spot.
  12. AK Habour 1.zip

    The only purpose of this map is to have a lot of dock area, nothing else. The current available dock addons, limits how nice a habour you can build, cause they take a lot of Space.
  13. Gmax export quality issues

    I'm just playing around with this and don't know what to expect. But I guess I should be able to produce something just as nice as other people do or at least as good as the Maxis Buildings. I've read several Places that it should be possible to adjust the quality of the LODs but not exactly how to.