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  1. SimCity Revision

  2. SimCity Revision

      Thank you for this info. I'll be building another city in single play soon, this time focused on goods. So I with a city available for more advanced testing I should be able to fix this issue.
  3. SimCity Revision

      Download the new version and overwrite the files.
  4. UPDATED: SimCity Power Overhaul - Power Upgrade

    This should work with the Revision mod. Do not use this mods SimCity_Scripts_28750926.package. Follow both mods install instructions. You should find that Revision will load, then Power Overhaul will over write any changes to power plants done in Revision. 
  5. SimCity Revision

     Corrected the processor storage capacity. The issue with freight is a weird one. If you have 90k left it sounds like they maybe using that extra storage space, but something is telling the industry they have no more room. I'll try and track down this issue but so far I haven't found out why they are giving you this message when they shouldn't.
  6. SimCity Revision

     I've taken the update 10 and based my mod off that file. So any changes in update 10 will be there.
  7. SimCity Revision

      It appears they built in a redundancy for the dorm module check that other buildings don't use. I tracked it down and fixed it. Will be included in next update. Thanks for letting me know this was an issue. 
  8. SimCity Revision

      In theory this SHOULD work in online play but might cause issues. I do not recommend using this mod in online play as it will be in conflict with the EULA. I'm not sure what EA does to detect and punish "cheaters". If you want to use this mod for single player, and be able to play online. You will have to go back and forth between installing and uninstalling this mod.
  9. SimCity Revision

      Sorry about that. I've fixed this issue and will be in the next version.
  10. SimCity Revision

      Good catch. I started version 0.2 from a fresh file. While working on this mod yesterday I thought I had changed the recycle bin to the numbers I wanted but I over looked it. I've updated the file to include those intended changes. So now you will have double the capacity for storage and it should process materials 50% faster then default. Left me know what you think of these changes. I found that doubling the speed was a little to fast. Aim here is that a fulling decked out recycle center should be able to fully meet the needs of a large city. City space is just to limited to force players to double up on these types of buildings. This should also make the recycle center a viable way for population based cities to make some extra money.
  11. SimCity Revision

      I've tracked down why your population shows so high yet it really is low. All none government buildings have X people in them yet they effect shown population by 2X. One of my next steps will be to see if I can fix this while also adjusting the population requirements for town hall upgrades. This should give a better understand of your population but I want to make sure it's not twice as hard to upgrade town hall if I fix it. Hoping to also fix the issue where they demand more industry even though jobs are only half filled.
  12. SimCity Revision

      Yes this mod is unfinished. I'm releasing in stages so I can get some great community feed back. I don't just want to make a mod for myself. I would say Simcity is a very easy game if you play it how they want you to play it. I want to open up some options and fix what I can that is broken. I'm sorry if this mod is not for you.
  13. SimCity Revision

    Are they going to fast with my Mod or you think the default is to fast? If I remember right I increased the car speed by double to see it was working and I'm not 100% sure it is. If it is working as intended (as well as I add more to this mod) I can upload different copies that incorporate different sets of changes, so you can pick which one best fits your needs. 
  14. SimCity Revision

      Make sure you are installing it with my special instructions. Easiest way to tell that this is working is to see if values on the buildings in my screen shots match up.
  15. SimCity Revision

    Version 0.4


    Single Player mod only. With the new modeling tools and an renewed interest in this game I'm looking to enhance my own experience (and others) with SimCity through this mod. As a person that has always had an interest in game mods and who is currently in school to develop video games I thought I would finally create a mod to share with the public. After several hours of looking through the code of SimCity I started to make changes and see what I can do to effect balance and numbers. What started as an attempt to fix the broken traffic in SimCity has bloomed into something completely different. At this time I can't say for sure what this mod's final release will change into. Yet, I can share the progress along the way. The only limits being what my imagination and tools will allow. All changes I make in this mod will try to keep balance and capability in mind. Yet, after spend far to many hours looking at the code I've had to implement an unorthodox method to make the changes I want. So please TAKE SPECIAL NOTE TO INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS. This method will make this mod incompatible with updates it is not designed with, as well as not compatible with mods that target the same package file. Yet, at the time of this post, any mod posted on this site should work with mine. So without further a due here is what my mod will do.... Current changes *0.4* Bus Stops and Street Car Stops - Now can hold 2x the passages waiting for public transportation. Bus and Shuttles - Now have 150% of default capacity. 120 max passengers on Bus and 60 on Shuttles. Landfill - set to hold 100k garbage per dumb zone, Incinerators now burn at 150% of default rate, Incinerator max set to 6. Oil Well, Ore Mine, Coal Mine (Not Adv Coal Mine) - Max module for resource extractors set to 150% of default. All Casinos - Now 200% of default module cap. Let me know if this is to much and if 150% would be better. (I haven't played around with gambling cities much to know which was a better number). *0.35* *Trade Port and Depot - Increased module max to 9 and 6 respectively. *Storage - All buildings that store goods have had capacity doubled. *Water and Sewage Plants - have had module max set to 8 and 9 respectively. Will not affect already built ones. *Maintenance costs - All buildings that are not in specialty tab have been set to 90% of default maintenance cost. This should make it easier to build cities around population. Buildings placed before installing mod will show the decrease in cost when selected but will not reflect in budget. Sorry but you have to replace them or start a new city to get this change. Cities already built will still get decreased maintenance cost on new buildings. *University - Dorm module limit increased to 5. Will not affect already built Universities. *Shuttle bus depot - has plots that allow 14 modules but game limits it to 8 (maybe for balance?). Well I've bumped it to 14, now you can get the most out of your depot *Recycle center - Previous buff was a little to extreme, now processes materials at 150% of default rate. *Landfill - Slightly increasing garage capacity per lot *Car/Sim Speed - Readjusted all speeds. They now have 110% of default max speed and accelerator at 300%. This should help the flow of traffic without everyone being speed demons. Dropped from original plans. *I will no longer be tweaking energy and water needs of buildings. To much work for little pay off. Instead I've increased the amount of modules you can place in water and sewage plants. I will consider increasing module limits on power plants if community feels it is needed. Considering *I may increase taxes generated by buildings by 5-10% if my maintenance cost drop still has not made enough of a difference towards population based cities. Let me know what you think. May even only do this on higher density buildings since my small and medium density cities always seem to generate more money then the high density ones. High Hopes *Traffic is broken - Everyone knows it including the developers. I wish I had a way to fix the AI traffic. As a student in game development I already know of 4 ways I could fix the bad traffic AI (which comes down to broken left turns). Yet, I have not seen where I can fix this. I'm hoping to fix this one way or another but no promises. *Re"balance" resource extraction rate - My hope is to make resources last longer in the ground. There is no realistic reason that a player can place a mine down with no modules and the game tell them they have 2-3 years left of resources on that plot. I'm no expert in the field of natural resources but this seems unrealistic, at the least it is not fun. My hope is to change this. Ideally I would like to slow extraction rate while maintaining gain (so you get the same amount of resources but it leaves the ground slower). Yet, it may come in the form of extracting slower while buildings need less and they sell for more per unit. Either way I'm going to take a hard look at this. *Anything else - I'm open to suggestions. Anything that will polish this game while keeping it balance I'm open ears for. Just please keep in mind I'm limited on what my tools will allow. This game is programmed in C++ and JavaScript which is not an issue for my understanding. The only issue is what EA/Maxis has locked for us to mod. Install Instructions Like I said above this mod is very different from what other mods are doing. To accomplish what I've done I've had to implement a work around to unlock changes that the launcher tries to lock out.... Long Install Story Most mods will have you copy package file to SimCityData. This will not work for my mod and will only give you bugs. Instead this file has to go into SimCityUserData/EcoGame. When you launch the game the launcher will validate you have X files with X name in this folder. My file will replace SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package (Update 10) and SimCityDLCRomanCasino-Scripts_276985846.package. These files overwrite older versions and are the changes that EA makes with each patch. Sadly this is a must since these files overwrite anything in SimcityData and can cause problems (so I can't just put my changes in this folder). If a user adds any extra files to the EcoGame folder, the launcher will delete them. Yet, it will not validate the contents of the files. This is how I'm able to change things I don't think I'm "suppose to". This means This mod is NOT meant for online play as it effects "balance". So please use at your own risk (regardless that you gave EA money and they want to support mods blah blah). When I have more time to look into this issue I will see if there is a way to skip the launcher validation but I'm guessing the pirates have already fixed this. Short Install Story Copy files into SimCityUserData/EcoGame. Overwrite existing file. Keep In Mind This mod overwrites core game package. You may want to backup the package it overwrites yet you don't have to (see uninstall). Uninstall Delete SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package & SimCityDLCRomanCasino-Scripts_276985846.package, then run launcher. Launcher will see you are "out of date" and download this package for you. This is a 2MB file so shouldn't take to long. Otherwise keep a backup of original file and replace my file with it. PS I hope you enjoy this mod and are as interested as I am to see where I can take this. Please leave any feed back and suggestions in the comments.