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  1. Is SimCity that bad?

  2. Discussion about City Tile Size

    I will bet cash that this sim'neighborhoods' will be made to integrate with Sims 4 someday. That this simcity wanna be will have all the incessant major and minor expansion like the sims. And that we won't give a damn about it in 6 months.
  3. go to display (driver) options and look for something about overscan correction
  4. Unable to create city

    Wel that is rather obvious, but there doesn't seem to be much feel for micro-managing. And the tiny towns with skyscrapers feel really weird.
  5. Unable to create city

    I had to take my daughter to the Dr while it was downloading. My wife, an avid Sims (1,2,3) and Simcity 4 player, played the tutorial while I was gone. Her comments when I got back: "It was just like the Sims... but with buildings." ... "It didn't feel like I had a lot of control in managing a city." ... "The people's thought bubbles over buildings/houses were weird.".
  6. They should do it based on the same way the game has progressed in the past. The games were succesful because each iteration was "their" way and so they bought it. It's a bit ridiculous to think those that have bought these games in the past shouldn't have a say because it isn't a first release, it is a fifth. They can call it a reboot all they want, but it means absolutely nothing beyond an excuse to milk the money throughout it's life. I am dying for the game, however, I am not the slightest bit optimistic. I just don't trust EA. In my limited opinion, as I haven't been reading up on it for all that long, I don't think it is going to be the smash hit. My regular daily forum I call home hasn't spoken a word about it in at least the last few months. Not a single post.