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  1. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    Meanwhile here in the UK I eat my popcorn ala Jackson in the well known gif. O America thou shoudst hath seen at thy creation the light was in thine breast but thy oblivion was wrought through thine own determination
  2. Shrink-wrapped Babies Pay for Over Caution in the Long Run

    In Rome military service was compulsory. Methinks a return to the ways of the good old Empire might solve the problem of these silly parents.
  3. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    What America needs is actual authoritarianism. The only thing that can stop greedy capitalists, motorists and bankers is a true dictator with real absolute command. But as I was born in Adelaide I can't be a candidate alas lol. Maybe the Queen should order an invasion from Canada and reclaim the colonies and give them a jolly good spanking. I mean I agree the tax on tea was a bad idea but come on... All they have managed to do since 1776 is become more immoral, less healthy, more polluting, more mentally unstable and in general rotten Slavery might be sensational and emotional for the tabloid boys but I sure reckon a few plantations were better than miles of urban sprawl, factories and mines etc To make a country great when it hath become a mess... Requires cleaning mess, not rearranging it. Sanders is the only half decent option you yanks have. If Hillary or Trump wins you are officially stupid and methinks you need to have your independence taken back from you.
  4. A quick explanation of my frustration

    I think girls are pretty. I think boys are ugly. As a boy I do not gain anything by feminist advances, but as a self loathing person and one who sees nothing of beauty or value in men I do not object to it. I think in half a century gender will cease to exist anyway. Feminine and masculine will just be styles of appearance and manner.
  5. This modern age.

    I am presently reading the diaries of a slave owning man with much privilege. You may be surpris'd to know that said gentleman is still honor'd in several places to this day. His name be George Washington. I think we can safely agree that it would be more trouble than it is worth to try to erase this gentleman from history. Unless you feel the American capital should be renamed Obama.
  6. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    So at work I read the copy of the Daily Mail we are given and at Tumblr I often see this issue arise. Now that Sanders is gone my old cynicism hath return'd. Trump and Clinton are both establishment. I tend to like and reblog the 'reblog if you hate Trump' posts but honestly I hate them both. Your nation deserveth better, methinks, than such mutton. What unthinking puppets thou art to allow such stagnation. Or is the political system itself in need of change... We live in strange times, and I don't know what to believe in any more. But surely voting for the status quo is not going to help anything. At any rate I suggest to Americans to vote for a write-in. Might I suggest Firelord Azula, whose beautiful blue flames could turn thy national problems to ashes, and light up thy morale in a spark contain'd not by the bonds of tradition...
  7. This modern age.

    I can't help but think it would be nice to get a Tardis and go back in time and make it so that from the dawn of mankind there was a single nation, a single race and a single religion and language. Then found all the other nations, races and religions and languages on other inhabitable worlds. Then when they communicated in a extraterrestrial age of discovery instead of worrying our consciences over our past we would be able to have pure societies but also exist equally. Methinks multiculturalism is a problematic system. Each planet should be harmonious, and if it contains multiple cultures they should exist in a partitioned, balanced way like in Avatar/Legend of Korra. However as we have but one planet naturally for the time being compromise is necessary. I think maybe the best practical way to deal with the past is to treat it like childhood. The Romans were our school years, Nazism was a teenage phase etc. Instead of calling the past 'wrong' we should think of history as a student learning and experimenting. Certainly silly things like this Wilson issue strike me as being like not being able to get oversome stupid embarassing teenage lark.
  8. The truth about modern art

    I think the problem is we are confusing talent, effort and complexity of art with the function of art. Simple easily done things can be beautiful. Complexity can be ugly. Just because art work a is more technically difficult than art work b does not make it less worthy. But the financial aspect of art is like the music industry, and plenty of chaff sells. I do not think art is in a decline, nor do I think metal is any less artistic than Beethoven. But I will agree that the connection between financial success and quality of work is not perfect. A plain black canvas may be austerely beautiful but you would be right to say a child could mass produce such. With the digital age such flat art is so easy to create and print. I would not carve a grave stone for good art, but admit that there are rich people who should get a real job.
  9. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    When playing SC I acted like a businessman and my cities turned a profit. Is a nation not similar to a city? And many an underused transit station was removed for the greater benefit, just as IRL.
  10. Apple ordered to hack San Bernardino shooter's phone

    Given the government is elected does distrusting the government not invaludate the concept of democracy? Are we thus distrusting ourselves, the people, and therefore admitting the people do not know best? Methinks only singularity can end this farce...
  11. Brexit

    As an English citizen I shall naturally take part in the upcoming referendum. At work they have copies of the Daily Mail, a stupid populist emotional paper, or if you prefer, the Sun's father. A trifle more thoughtful but still rather stupid. As I work for Asda which is owned by Walmart I technically work for a US company. But naturally things like the minimum wage etc will affect Asda as much as Sainsburys etc. From what I do know or hear should we say my own situation is unlikely to get better or worse from Brexit. As a working class man I have no property, no wives, no cars etc. I have no power or weapons. I am just a slave working for his daily beer. So my vote will likely be one of idealism not practicality. Do I prefer the vision of a united Euroreich? Or a independent English Empire? Really I couldn't care less either way. I will probably vote for Brexit simply because I hate Cameron and he wants In to win. If Azula was PM and was backing In I would be an Inman.
  12. U.S.A. 2016 General Election

    Logically all you need is a period of notice prior to the election, and unless it is a premature one this would be as easy as notifying people when Christmas is. Then on the day you read the candidates statements and tick a box. The candidates should not be publically known until election day, nor are images of them of any worth. You are electing politicians, not actors and dancers. They should in their statement mention whatever interests them/their electorate. Thus you avoid lengthy debates. No candidate is allowed to spend a dollar campaigning and all candidates must keep their candidacy a secret until election day. At least that seems the best system to my mind.
  13. World Affairs

    Well imho the problems of dictatorship are purely challenges not obstacles, but certainly democracy works in a rough mongrelly way, never really achieving any particular vision for a nation but keeping the basic things flowing. However the UK is no wonderful angelic incorruptible land. Last night's Daily Mail had a piece on corruption in the civil service. Dictatorships may have yet to demonstrate economic success but what is the price we pay for economic success? Maybe Google and Apple and company are economically healthy but few would say our country is performing brilliantly. In a world economy with international finance nations lose their sovereignty. If a foreign land ceases supplying oil that affects our motorists. If a foreign trade deal collapses that affects our business. So the vitality provided by capitalist democracy is only effective when our trading partners shars these ideals. But once again just because some highly abstract figure like the gross domestic product is doing nicely does not indicate prosperity or happiness for the citizenry. I think a meritocracy or technocracy is better in this modern age. Give every idiot and bricklayer a vote and they'll vote to cheapen beer, shorten working hours and maintain the status quo with all its ugliness.