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  1. Simcity "Beta" review.

    Very good review and, unfortunately, spot on. I'm still in kinda stunned. I suspected it was going to be bad from everything I've seen and heard and, like this reviewer, wanted very much to be wrong. As it was in the case of "Microsoft Flight", "Sid Meijer's Railroads", etc. it seems like the people who are revisiting and attempting to reinvent games after 5-10 years have no clue what made the previous versions so enjoyable. This new version of Sim City sucks. I'm not going to waste my time listing everything. I went to the Sim City site to vent my anger and it was closed so I came here. I was familiar with this site but I've never posted before. Catchin 22, it's amazing how similar our experience with this beta has been. I was annoyed with the tutorial, went straight to the graphic settings, etc. I wonder how many others are feeling the same way we are right about now. I pre-ordered from Amazon to make sure I got a beta key and I went immediately and canceled the order. They wont charge your card till the order ships so, if you did the same thing, it's not too late. I wonder how many will.