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  1. Green Bus Terminal

  2. No Agent Clumping

    My roads are always plagued by jams though. Would be nice if traffic lights are removed entirely in a similar mod so that the traffic flows smoothly. Still, thank you kind sir 
  3. UPDATED: SimCity Power Overhaul - Power Upgrade

    Ok... new issue. It seems that the new version of simcity revision does not get activated along with this. I had to delete this mod to get 6 incinerators like in the other mod :/ Though, if it was up to me, I would wait for simcity revision to be finished and then combine it with this mod if making these compatible was too much work.
  4. UPDATED: SimCity Power Overhaul - Power Upgrade

    Ok nevermind it worked. The solution is still to restart simcity multiple times and it will eventually detect the changes
  5. UPDATED: SimCity Power Overhaul - Power Upgrade

    Did a fresh install and used this mod but didn't work. Put in the simcity revision mod and it worked :) However, the changes i have made to maintainence costs are visible but not actually applied. Guess it's actual value is in another file? (I only edited the poweroverhaul package)
  6. UPDATED: SimCity Power Overhaul - Power Upgrade

    I have followed the indicated installation folder but now the game does not seem to detect the mod at all. I the bombraider train mod installed and it works :/ I tried using the same exact files provided and my edited version but neither was detected. Is there an alternative to installing this? 
  7. UPDATED: SimCity Power Overhaul - Power Upgrade

    Hello, thank you, your mod works perfect. Is it possible for me to modify some values in your mod using SimCityPak? I tried doing it but i get a "~amount ???? why am i unhappy" at my powerplant.