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  1. Vanilla Simcity 4 with no mods except for the pretty much necessary NAM is my favorite way to play Simcity 4. So in this thread, show us the cities you've been working on playing the way the game was designed to be played. Here is one of the cities I have made. It is positive in budget and doing really well, but unfortunately is not the prettiest. http://i.imgur.com/r96obMJ.jpg
  2. Running the DVD version of SC4 an Intel Mac

    Hey, I am having some problems with the installation of instruments, I think. I go to the Downloads tab, but I don't see anything called 'instruments' I did click "check and install now", because I thought that was what I had to do, and now it says it's installing 2 updates. But It doesn't seem like it's downloading, the progress bars beside the updates are not progressing at all.... help??
  3. hey I have been thinking, would it be possible to calculate using the game code what the best possible city would be? As in having things layed out really efficiently. By perfect city I mean happy sims, a good budget high density, and stuff Has this been down before? I think it would be cool to have a layout that has been figured out so that when you run it on cheetah speed everything will turn out perfect, and you could have very specific times to add new buildings, rezone zones, change budgets etc.
  4. I see a lot of players of simcity try to give all their services to all the sims in their city.. but I was thinking, wouldn't it be easier to have a portion of your sims be low wealth with no education or health, let them build up density, so that you have a good income of tax money to focus on a middle and high wealth neighborhood with all the services. I've actually tried this myself but I'm finding that I'm barely getting by... which is strange, I seemed to be making more money when i was servicing all my sims. Do low wealth sims suck up more resources like water and power, and give lower tax money?
  5. this might be sort of a stupid suggestion, but maybe put parking complexes next to your stations? They increase capacity
  6. A very unfortunate situation

    Alright if you can't torrent i woud recommend getting it on steam, the deluxe edition is like $10 right now
  7. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi I'm Ryan 17 and enjoy simulation and sandbox type games Currently in high school and hopefully going to a college or university next year for a science program I live in Canada
  8. A very unfortunate situation

    you could torrent it You've already bought it so it's probably not a bad thing to do. IDK what this forums opinion on torrenting is
  9. Getting "no job" zots? IDK why

    haha that idea idea would probably work but no i didnt have carpooling on and thanks!
  10. Getting "no job" zots? IDK why

    Hey guys thanks for all the help I do have NAM, and yeah the one way roads were alternating lol. The thing i dont understand is that a building right next to one with a long commute time has a short commute time, and when i see where they work they travel pretty much the same distance in the morning and evening! And the traffic levels are good on both roads! But I think it might have been something to do with mass transit?? I put bus stops on every block and the job zots went away. Still confusing so idk. Also, i sort of use a different system for my one way roads. I only made one way roads leading from the houses to the jobs, and vice versa, and I made the cross streets roads, as you can see in the picture. That way the sims can go whichever way they want to go on the roads to get to the appropriate one way road, which will lead them pretty much directly to their job.
  11. Getting "no job" zots? IDK why

    I'm not sure I'm not sure if it's the eternal commuter bug, what you see in the picture is pretty much 4/5 of the city, and there are no neighboring cities. all these buildings are low wealth and the jobs are too.. is it because the dirty industry doesnt match their skills?
  12. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Ohh god that's awesome, it's the sort of city i think of when I think "simcity"
  13. hi, first post, I guess ill start it with a complaint XD http://s896.beta.pho...3729PM.png.html ^ | this is the situation with most of the no job buildings in my city. I'm not sure what's wrong. When i look at the traffic grid the volume is all green, and other buildings with a similar commute distance have short commute times. So is this a glitch? Am i missing something? Is it because i'm using one way roads? I thought that the road system you see in the screenshot would work really well, and it has until now. (PS I edited the arrows in because for some reason the arrows weren't there after i took the screenshot. They were green before, one was purple)