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  1. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi All, I have been lurking and reading here for some time now and thought I would say HI!! I come from New England and have been picking at this game for some time. Lately I have had some time on my hands so I have been digging into it. It's deep too!! At least I'm warm and indoors this winter.
  2. Grid secrets: a tutorial CJ

    Wow. I just resd this thread and got a ton out of it! Thanks so much!! I agree with you that the heart of the game is a puzzell of multiple layers and that the grid is the most perfect solution to it given the confines, or rules, of this medium. I also think that is what gives this game it`s apeal to so many. I have had SC4 for a while and have been doing grids to learn the mechanics of the game, but not to your extent. I will be working them out with more depth now!!