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  1. Recently, I've started to build a city using RHW and the GHSR in between. I just wonder whether I can make connection with neighbor cities with the above design. I've used the FLUP puzzle piece and the RHW neighbor connection puzzle pieces.
  2. NAM 31.1 Technical Support and Bug Report Thread

    Welcome to Simtropolis! Could you please post your full system specs (both hardware and software)? Thank you a lot in advance. Here is the system specification. Hardware Processor: Intel Core 2 CPU T5200 @ 1.6GHz RAM: 2GB (Controller: Texas Instrument PCIxx12 Integrated Flashmedia Controller) Display: Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family Disk: TOSHIBA MK8034GSX ATA Device (30GB out of 74.5GB not used) Software Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Service Pack 1 Dataram Ramdisk installed, and the TMP and TEMP directory moved to the G:\ which is the ramdisk drive. (240 out of 255 MB not used)
  3. NAM 31.1 Technical Support and Bug Report Thread

    I can't even install the new NAM because the installer keeps giving the Math.dll error message. (Well, the messagebox is not correctly encoded...) This happens when unpacking data at about 31%. I still have enough disk space (30GM left) and I've attempted to delete the G:\Appdata\Local\Temp\nsn9ACD.tmp\Math.dll. No luck~ I even tried changing the directory of the temp folder. Still the same...