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  1. Hello there! First off, I... THINK I'm in the right board, but apologies if I'm not. Anyway, I'm having serious commute problems in my current city and nothing I'm trying is fixing the problem. In fact, it only seems to keep getting worse as the city grows. I've done this style of layout before with no problems like this, but now I can't seem to get it to stop. If anyone would be willing to check out my screenshots and tell me where the problem lies, or what flaws I've implaneted in my city building, I'd be greatful for the help. SOME INFO: -Yes, I do have NAM installed. -The industrial center is located in the next city. This one holds onto residential and commercial. -The public transportation consists of Elevated Rail (formalally railroads) subways, and a light peppering of bus stops. -This is a new map and this is currently the only major city on it. -This only became a problem when skyscrapers began to grow. -Blocks are on a 6x6 grid. -The basic layout (from right to left) is: avenue, road, rail, road, repeat. Again, any help or advice for fixing this problem would be great. Thank you!