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  1. Introduce Yourself Here!

    When I have the ability to siggy, this is going in first.
  2. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hello various Simtropolis posters and admins. I am Typhlosion, however, you can call me "Joshua", "Josh", "TMTrainer", "[censored]", and/or "That guy". I am typicly known (on other forums) to be a mildly educated and sophisticated person, as well a somewhat infrequent poster. You can typicly find me screwing around in the 'Offtopic' and other various subsections of most forums, however, posting in the introduction post seemed most appropriate to start my posting career here. Lets start with some of my likes and dislikes... Likes, in order as they pop into my head: Trolling Final Fantasy School #sarcasm Video Games Minecraft TrolIing Various online Nexon games Typhlosion Music: Dubstep, Rock, Rockstep, Dub and Roll TroIling TroIIing Procrastination Fire Dislikes, I hate these all equally: Rap and most modern music Hitler Being trolled... badly School #nonsarcasm Educational Video games Getting kicked for no reason Badmins Kids who spray me with water bottles More School Math More Math Getting Grounded Getting kicked off the computer because my 8 year old brother wants to play with his equaly aged friends on Minecraft. #sigh Please me and we shall have no problems. Oh Like Number 14: I like ending posts with a somewhat related picture. Replaced because a moderator that I have no relation to what-so-ever disliked my current picture. Fun fact, I have never played Sim City before.