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  1. Would it be hard to make different types of power lines? I mean they don't even have to have wires. Like ones that go over train tracks like: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=bristol+pa+rail+road&view=detailv2&id=C86079645038484B719C8B8B9866923DE09EB5C6&selectedindex=124&ccid=Ys8M6PbN&simid=607990129716366998&thid=OIP.M62cf0ce8f6cdaded28ca141e4366e09eo0&mode=overlay&first=1 Or like monopole power lines: https://www.google.com/search?q=Mono+pole+power+lines&biw=1829&bih=917&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiWx7-V2YDNAhULOCYKHfEPC5QQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=YP-HKocveMoZMM%3A
  2. Power lines!

    Honestly cell towers are just for realism, thats why I would want them. And yes they do need to make realistic power lines, like the steel lattice kind, or power poles, and then the ones along highways for lower voltages.
  3. Power lines!

    I'm happy now that in the EA footage there are powerlines. I hope there are different kinds, and some that aren't 12 stories tall tho. I hope they also include cell towers, they boost desirability. And catenary wires, along with Northeast corridor styled catenary. What do you guys think?
  4. Not just the custom BATs but even the regular buildings in game show up as dirt, no parking textures. House residence yard textures show up as dirt. Some ground lots show through the map. I will upload a picture soon hopefully. I use Windows 7, Sim City 4 Deluxe version, installed the SC4D patch on the official site.