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  1. Updated the OP with my thoughts about the online requirement. Speaking of mod support, it should be made easier from the user perspective. I am hoping for an integrated package manager approach, directly built into the game, with automatic updates and automatic handling of dependencies. A manual way of installing mods should of course also exist, since the repository will most likely have to be maintained by Maxis and there's always the risk that the company will stop supporting the game.
  2. http://www.vg247.com...tion-to-origin/ So basically this means no purchase for me. Such a shame, the game I've been waiting for years gets announced and it's seems awesome, and yet they manage to screw it up with stuff like this. I could live with the always online requirement (even though it's idiotic and drives people to piracy), but no mods means no purchase. edit: after hearing from you and other EA/Maxis sources, it seems like mod support is on it's way. There's still the issue of the always online requirement. While multiplayer sounds exiting (I for one would love to build regions together with friends), it shouldn't be forced on people, and I'm also a bit concerned about the global economy thing they are implementing into the game. There should always exist the option of playing completely offline, having your own fun without anyone else interfering in your little sphere of city simulation. And frankly, that's what they should be focusing on the most, traditional SimCity gameplay, just updated to be as good as possible in 2013 and the years to come.