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  1. Lincoln, Nebraska

    it's an amazing cj you made i really like your style! (y)
  2. Again nice update ! btw I live in Tongeren, but my father works in Maastricht (Mosa-factory)
  3. It's nice to see a CJ of Maastricht, it's only 20 km from where I live You did a great job
  4. Introduce Yourself Here!

    I'm almost 15 from Tongeren,Belgium
  5. A - Z Cities Game

    Elsene(Dutch)=Ixelles(French) Belgium
  6. Introduce Yourself Here!

    I'm 14 and live in Belgium in Tongeren(the oldest city of Belgium).I study Latin and French.
  7. Petrouch CityTramStation

    really cool *10*