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  1. AGS Parsons Memorial Speedway

    Great looking speedway scba. Looks like a Miniature Kansas/Kentucky Speedway.
  2. NAM: Requests

    I was about to say that as well. I got a question though. Is there any chance of a 3 highway intersection piece coming out soon?
  3. Joeynymets highway signs requests

    Maybe I shouldn't ask this here tracker, but is loop 202 ever going to be completed from I believe Goodyear around to Mesa? (I might be off on the western ending)
  4. Joeynymets highway signs requests

    Date: 2/15/2006 8:45:11 PM Author: azlover Hey, I was wondering if you could make Loop 101 and Route 51 signs. These are highways in the Phoenix metro area, so they are run by ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation). There is a great website with pictures of both freeways, but I forget it's address. I don't live in Phoenix so I can't get actual pictures. Thanksquote> It's arizonaroads.net.
  5. Sorry to be a pain but will the download site be up and running soon?
  6. I have a problem with the download as well. I've downloaded it a few times, and now I have four ANT options in my highway menu with no rural highway, anyone know the reason?
  7. StateFairSpeedway

    Its very good.
  8. Final HKS Dragstrip

    Great work!!
  9. Lakeyboys Multi Highway Guide Third Edition

    How about express and local lanes?