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  1. Guide to Naming Your City

    Please PM STomnibus if you have any questions about this article. Before the first section of road is laid and before the first Sims move in, the new Mayor (that would be you) is prompted to name the city. Naming seems like a quick, simple process, but can be difficult, as creating new names repeatedly in multiple regions can wear your creativity out very quickly and lead to repeat names. This guide will hopefully help you in creating fresh, original names for your new cities. Step One: Survey Your City This is the first, and perhaps most important, step in naming your new metropolis. Look at the city you have created and note its most important features. If you really have trouble thinking of new names, keep a list of features or this window open as you go. Key features to look for include bodies of water, such as rivers, oceans, bays, lakes, and other notable water features. Landforms such as hills, cliffs, and mountains are also important. Check your surroundings. Is this a suburb of a well-named city? If so, look at that name. Consider directions, like North _____ . A key feature to look for is the relationship between different parts of your city's terrain. Cliffs that flow into rivers is a distinctive feature and should be noted. Step One Examples: Bayside, Bayview, Rivermont, Riverside , Hillsdale, Hillside, Mount Crawford , Haley Valley , Johnson Cliffs, etc. Step Two: Consider Function What is your city for? A simple question, really, but you can name your city based on function. Is a prevalent highway river crossing there? Name it ________'s Crossing . Is it a farming mecca? Sleepy commuter town? Industrial wasteland? City function is a good thing to look at when naming your new burg. Examples: Industria, Farmingham, Moore 's Crossing, Paradise , Port Sewan, etc. Step Three: Get an Atlas The best tool at your disposal for naming your city is an atlas. Look at local features and obscure small cities in Turkmenistan . Keep a list of names you like. Name cities after local rivers, such as, to use my local examples, Maury, Chickamauga , and Sherando . Local tiny villages that nobody will know you stole are great choices as well. Local examples for me, again: Catawba, Mount Solon , Parnassus , and Abingdon . Step Four: Cruise Your Town and Know Your Neighbors Let's see, you live on Brunswick Avenue ? Name your city Brunswick . Your favorite shop is Monk's at the corner of Third and Church? Name your city Monk's Corner. Your neighborhood has literally thousands of possibilities. Name it after the Wilhelms across the street. The possibilities are endless. Step Five: Know Your Current Events What do Ashcroft , Cheney , Chretien , and Aznar all have in common? They are all names of current world political influentuals who are also, coincidentally, great city names (John Ashcroft is US Attorney General, Dick Cheney is Vice President of the US , Jean Chretien is the former Canadian Prime Minister, and José Maria Aznar Lopez is President of Spain). Scour your newspaper and the BBC for names and write them down , because you'll forget them at the drop of a hat. Step Six: Pronouns and Suffixes If you take a look at any atlas, you'll notice that many names are combinations of different pronouns and suffixes. Hill + mont . Jones + town. Harris + burg. Hart + ford. Man + chester . Dover + shire. By mixing and matching, you can again create thousands of names for your disposal. Below is a brief list highlighting some of my favorites: Prefixes (excluding names): river, new, old, north, south, east, west, hart, heart, hill, bay, mountain, colum, rock, port, man, san, saint, pot, frank, hol, little, big, los, an, clear, lynn, lanc, gran, loch, lake, Suffixes: ford, bus, side, shire, chester, mouth, port, burg(h), ville, town, city, dam, furt, fort, vale, mont, comb, ton, worth, ia, lia, haven, view, polis, minster, Conclusion Naming your city is an important step and shouldn't be done without thought. Hopefully, this guide will help in your quest for that perfect name. Good luck! Acknowledgements go to zeke12 's awesome database thread, which can be seen at here, and Mostly Harmless , Carnuth , and Trevorrex for suffixes in that thread.
  2. The Simtropolis Annuarians Club

    I can't believe this thread is still going! I haven't been to Simtropolis in quite a while. If someone wants to take it over be, be, be my guest. Really am surprised by its longevity though. Oh-la-la!
  3. The Cobb Emperador Hotel

    Very nice work here.
  4. Princess Tower

    Now this is special.
  5. Thinking of Moving?

    You could live in Roanoke, Virginia, where: 1. The grocery stores are cleared and school is cancelled out if snow is forecast within the next 4 months. 2. Your city government has spent $51 million since 1994 on studies on whether to spend $12 million to renovate the stadium or tear it down. 3. The river floods when someone turns on their sprinkler. 4. You can walk to the train tracks and 15,000 of your fellow citizens are employed by the railroad, yet you can't ride Amtrak because you have no passenger rail service. 5. You got really excited when you found out Starbucks was coming to town (2006). 6. You got even more excited when you found out Target was coming (1998?) 7. You actually went to "Singles Night" at one of our Wal-Marts (we have 6)...for 200,000 people. 8. You stop your car so that pedestrians one block away can cross the street unimpeded. 9. You hold the door for people who are a block away but coming fast...or not so fast...
  6. Future Air Craft

    See, the problem is that not many people can drop $4000 on an airplane flight. Also, as soon as something goes wrong with one of those flights, you can kiss profits goodbye. People are very jittery when it comes to atomic power. I think the future of flight, at least the near future, are mid-range, smaller jets like the 787. What with fuel prices, the A380 is little more than a show of technical know-how. It's just too inefficient for mass use.
  7. The SimTropolis House of Worship

    My Hispanophilia (if that is not a word, I am officially commissioning it now) has caused me to feel that the separation of church and state is the most important thing, outside of freedom of speech, enshrined in the Constitution. If you want a description of why a state church is a bad thing, read a history of Spain. @ Ski: The only real ways to do it are: A) Have a pervasive police force that is able to keep track of what every person is doing during every moment of every day B) Expel the non-believers (see first paragraph, last sentence) C) Force conversion through fear
  8. The Tower of Song

    Radiohead - 2 + 2 = 5 The Beatles - Maxwell's Silver Hammer Filter - The Best Things Interpol - Leif Ericson New Pornographers - The Fake Headlines Wire - I am the Fly Six Feet Under-Deathklaat Flaming Lips - Fight Test Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights Lodi - Creedence Clearwater Revival Taking out Closure, adding "Lodi" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Peg: This is awesome. Thanks
  10. Private Topics

    Pinned! Thanks for posting this, Compromise.
  11. The Tower of Song

    Ben Kweller - Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth Roger Miller - King of the Road The Elected - The Bank And Trust The Flaming Lips - Shine On Sweet Jesus Radiohead - 2 + 2 = 5 Stephin Merritt - Ukulele Me! Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues. Bloc Party - Helicopter REM - Shiny Happy People Bob Dylan - Hurricane Painting over The White Stripes, adding more blatantly political Dylan. Sorry. I really do love that song, though.
  12. Forum Game Rules

    I've repinned this and taken the liberty of rewriting the thing for better clarity. Please respect that 2-post rule and don't create duplicate games! This forum is generally pretty tame as far as controversy and we'd like to keep it that way. Thanks, ::YL::
  13. The Tower of Song

    Barenaked Ladies - Never is Enough Radiohead - Morning Bell Ben Kweller - Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth Bright Eyes - At the Bottom of Everything The White Stripes - Black Math Roger Miller - King of the Road The Elected - The Bank And Trust Pulp - Common People The Flaming Lips - Shine On Sweet Jesus Dexys Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen 80s flashback! In goes Dexys' Come on Eileen, out goes 311.
  14. The Tower of Song

    I was going to add She's Electric. Hmm... The Fiery Furnaces - Spaniolated The Thrills - Plans The Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive U2 - Original of the Species Oasis - She's Electric Trivium-Gunshot to the head of tripidation Bif Naked - Moment of weekness Billy Joel - It's Still Rock 'n Roll To Me Elliott Smith - The Biggest Lie Bob Dylan - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues I am replacing Black Dahlia Murder with Bob Dylan - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
  15. The Tower of Song

    Death Cab For Cutie - We Looked Like Giants Blur - This Is A Low Ben Folds Five - Song for the Dumped Weezer - Say it Ain't So Feist - Mushaboom Pink Floyd - Echoes Slipknot-Spit it out Radiohead - Pyramid Song The Clash - Junco Partner Coldplay - Swallowed in the Sea Took out Slipknot. Added Coldplay. Polar opposites.