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  1. City Life

    It's easy to play and manage, you just gotta add your own touch to it.
  2. City Life

    Thanks! Lunar, OcramsRzr I love your screenshots! If I knew how to use 3ds Max I would've made my own custom buildings and uploaded them here.
  3. City Life

    I wish I had City Life when Génération City still supported the CL mods, I wish it'd be possible to start a community for City Life here, but I don't think it'll get as much backing as the other games.
  4. City Life

    Do you know any names of these sites? I would love to see the custom content.
  5. City Life

    Has anyone played City Life? It had like 3 versions ,but I still find entertainment in it, I hope this community will be able to form a modding community. I even have a couple pictures depicting my cities and their stories. Like the central plaza in one of the richer areas if my city. I called it the Sanctuary Plaza. Then there's the most hard working area in the city overlooking Freedom Hwy Lastly, this intersection formed out of Debacle St. and Redwood Pkwy in the most vibrant and diverse section of the city. I don't necessarily think the game is terrible, it just needs a modder's touch.
  6. Clean Uninstall

    I tried uninstalling all the mods but some still show up in the game.
  7. I really want to get back into this game, I'm trying to do a clean uninstall, but addons and mods still linger into the game even after I uninstalled and reinstalled. Can someone properly guide me to uninstalling this game completely and ridding it of mods, assests, LUTs, etc? so I can reinstall on a clean slate.
  8. Mods missing

    I verified my game cache and all the assets came back.
  9. Mods missing

    I wasn't able to because they didn't show up in the assets category
  10. When I load up Cities Skylines I checked the content manager to see if everything was there, the mods were but none of the assets were loaded into the content manger and doesn't appear in game. I checked the Steam Workshop tab of the content manger and it showed all of my assets yet they do not appear in game or in the assets tab.
  11. Crashing after update

    So do you know of a solution to solve this problem?
  12. Crashing after update

    After the new update I've been crashing, I can't make it pass the paradox interactive logo. I tried those commands an it didn't work :c
  13. After the new update I've been crashing, I can't make it pass the paradox interactive logo.
  14. Show us your Area view

    Well they recently increased the building cap