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  1. Mini Golf

  2. Get your Maxis files here!

    1.) congrats on finally putting this together 2.) Wow! I never knew half this stuff existed 3.) Finally that night update I been procrastinating for 20 years to download 4.) Thanks for your time and effort to get this up 5.) Dont go making any simoleons from these IE STEX discs
  3. benno's bats

    Must be tough getting criticism and advice from some of the best like simfox, but I guess theres no better way to learn, then to learn from the best, a few in this forum are somewhere in that list. The scale was definitely corrected, and you seem to pick up on suggestions and advice very quick, Im shocked its very good for a first time bat. You must have had some sort of relevant previous experience? Where did you learn from which tutorial or which user? And what programs did you use?
  4. Red beaches! Can someone help me?

    Simmars? maybe, idk but it would be super easy for someone to put together in a few hours.
  5. I think I officially took the most time on my about me page. Blah shoulda woulda coulda. Hope it helps!

  6. Need Volunteers for the BAT MEGA FAQ!

    Perhaps I could point some things out...I agree the FAQ seems to be outdated a bit...definitely do'able with the right people and right know how.
  7. plopable water

    Neither did I, but if he's a serious city builder, I think nothing beats Paengs terrain detailing and his terrain work.
  8. hey you havent seemed to release things in awhile I enjoyed featuring your sunken highway eye candy, diving owl bungie bridge, and waterfront pack work at pegasus's website in my cities...you should amp up the level of content you create cause its good stuff...hope to see more of you Norwegian

  9. I was wondering if there has been a Las Vegas style game modification similar to SPAM, MPT but with a Las Vegas style theme? Has this been proposed? Has anyone attempted it? Is anyone currently working on it? If no one is I might take up the challenge with the help of 2 of my buddies. I would definitely look into using the SimFox DayNite mod to enhance the color lighting effects Las Vegas is known for. Answer the poll, it will help me out. Your thoughts on the idea?
  10. Yeah I dont mind it, I just worry it would throw off the flow of the game, I mean some of us have learned the game with pretty much unmodded maxis style, and they have a certain way about doing things and such...so altering this would be tough to relearn the balance of things. Also, I like your retail lots the sonic/jack in the box, your jack in the box is one of only 2 on the STEX. Have you seen kevdan's stuff? Amazing. If not type jack in the box in the STEX search. and then click see his other files. Where did this dude go? I wish he would keep releasing new retail bats.
  11. Hey I dont know if you are active on ST anymore but great job on the retail bats. I would like to extend an offer to you, I would like to include your retail bats in my retail renovation and renewal project. Please PM me if you are interested.

  12. Shooting Range

    Interesting lot, I cant believe no one else has ever released a shooting range lot, unique and cool, Id love to see someone who's experienced in lot editing to make a really detailed version. Simfox? Pegasus? SG?
  13. Its balrog! The boxing brute from Street Fighter II...I remember those days on SNES bwah! ha!