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  1. thanks f'er the work you put into y'er files; can't wait to try 'em out

  2. Thanks for your great restaurants. Must have items!

  3. Hey I dont know if you are active on ST anymore but great job on the retail bats. I would like to extend an offer to you, I would like to include your retail bats in my retail renovation and renewal project. Please PM me if you are interested.

  4. nice work kevdan -- you are a great BATer.

  5. great work- thanks for helping to bring sim city to life!! ;)

  6. It would be awesome if you were to create a Culver's fast food restaurant... im missing those in my cities... =P

  7. I like your restaurant buildings. good job and very thx

  8. Hi, from Timvh1. I like your restaurant buildings. I think they are really well done and serve as art for your low-density commercial zones. I know you asked for some ideas for restaurants and stuff. I have a few suggestions for you:

    1. Fazoli's

    2. Culver's

    3. Popeye's

    4. Taco John's

    5. Hardee's

    6. Papa John's Pizza

    7. Papa Murphey...

  9. McDonalds v1

    UPDATE: This lot has been completely been facelifted from the ground up. It will be updated once more whent he custom UI's are completed. Enjoy this lot!
  10. Dennys Diner

    Great Job! this turned out great.
  11. Additional Vehicles Set 2

    Thanks a million! I hope there will be other brands in the future. Keep up the great work!
  12. San Diego Mormon Temple

    Beatiful Job - wonderful creation!