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  1. City Plans?

    The zones are jsut what I got when i clicked and held to make them... I like to look it at as the sims that live there telling me exactly what they want in a house or place of business... My thinking for placing all of the services at the beginning is that I had all these small empty spaces in the city and I figured if I covered all the bases right from the start I wouldn't need to worry about adding in many municipal strucures later on... I am still getting stuck with having to place the High School College and University jsut so I can begin to get any real nice types of development (HT CO$$$) Also when should I add some new zones , of what type, and where? I have ran with the city not adding any new zones, it fillls with nice large mansions but they all become dilapidated evantually...
  2. City Plans?

    heres a small planned city with all of the most basic municipal services
  3. Wonderfall *Now with better pictures*

    Impressive and ambitious plans, nice, i really like!!
  4. SimCity 4 strongly inhibits

    try to use hardware rendering mode
  5. quad core processor 8gb of ram and a good graphics card that can support hardware mode is essential
  6. The City Sim You've Never Heard Of...

    I think it will be better than Cities XL 2011
  7. C-Doodlez-Man BAT Thread

    thats dope foreal bruh
  8. Lithuanian old block

    NICE ONE!<br>
  9. How to Solve the Problem of Hunger

    i think theoretically if people had to they could go back to farming in their backyards, and maybe some urban farming like in detroit could be uitlized
  10. recreating the silicon valley

    nevermind yall, i cleared it up ... heres the link for if anyeones intereseted http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2716
  11. hello, i want to build the silicon valley or a region similar to it in my simcity 4 game, what region map should i use, i was thinking of using the large tile on the SF map that comes with the game but it is techincally a place called Fremont, thanks in advance
  12. MS W2W Storey Car Park

    no dependencies, very nice work
  13. Mother Nature Plaza

    no dependencies, good job
  14. Q: Stars

    1 star is a city built on Hard dfclty, 3 stars is a city built on easy dfclty, so i am assuming 2 stars would be a city built on medium dfclty