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  1. Plastic Surgery Clinic



    My third building and lot. This is a plastic surgery clinic that is not as efficient as the large hospital but cheaper. The architecture is somewhat inspired by female curves, as you might see. I have now learned to make night lights and better glas windows than before, but I will continue to work on these aspects, my ambition is to make my buildings fit better in to the game, as I learn more and more. Building cost: §800 Monthly cost:§600. Coverage radius: 200 HQ boost 4.520 Patient capacity 1500 Wealth represented: high. The file is a ZIP-file, extract the files into My documents/ SimCity 4/Plugins.
  2. Old Medieval Church

    Now I have uploaded the LOT, DESC and MODEL files in a zip file. I am not that familiar with making zip files, so tell me if it doesn't work.
  3. Old Medieval Church



    This is my second lot for the SimCity 4. I have worked more to get the windows and the scaling better. I'm not really pleased with the lightning, I have not understood that part that well yet, but I'm working on it.
  4. A basic question on uploading

    I have solved this problem. I'm not sure how. Probably I tried to upload the wrong kind of file, i.e. not the LOT-file but the DESC-file or modelfile.
  5. Small High School



    A smaller high school than the one in the game, and cheaper. It will give less EQ and coverage. It is my first attempt to create a lot so it is perhaps no masterpiece. I hope I will learn to make better windows in the future. I first uploaded only the LOT file, but now I am wiser and I have uploaded the desc, lot and model files in a zip file.
  6. Well, I'm new to this site and pretty new tom SC4 but after a most terrible struggle I managed to download all the software needed to make buildings and lots... Now I have tried to upload a lot file but I can't. The site tells me "you can't upload this kind of file.'' If I read the help section it says that one can only upload files if one has a permission to upload files. How do you get such a permission? Is it for us mortals? I can't find any information on this and it doesn't seem to be a FAQ on this site? Sorry for any bad grammar or spelling, I'm not english speaking. Regards, Hjommd