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  1. I'd need non-[.exe] versions of the HBS_FloraPropPackvol.01 resource files and LBT Chihuahuan Terrain Mod..

    I"ve digged the web for both tropical and Mexican-US Western mods, (planning to build a Polynesian region and a 'Wild West' one), From far your moding files are the best for this.

    (And no, I wont buy a PC nor Windoz™ nor Bootcamp™ just to install a few SC4 nugg...

  2. LBT Chihuahuan Terrain Mod

    Me loves raw .dat files sorted in neatfolders, ya know... not the [#*$Ú‹≈ê∂πÌÈÒ¬†{fi®ê€*™Ÿ∫ªŸ‚∆!] hieroglyphic [.exe] files my Mac OS X droid can't open... well, too bad... cuz that Chihuahua pack looked perfect. I'll plop all the nice wild westerners lots on some other desert terrain .. hopefully . :s