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  1. A-Z artist/band game

  2. NDEX Announcements and Updates

    Great work guys, you create some of the best BAT content available. I appreciate all your hard work in keeping NDEX dependency free and dont mind the installer for the essentials file at all. After all i love your stuff so much that i would use it all even if there was loads of dependencies. thanks again and keep it up bring on the summer of NDEX
  3. Nexis of Genesis

    simply spectacular mrbisonm, i love your cities. You must put alot of thought into the layout. Also your terrain and rock textures look great. how much longer can you keep this cj going for? ..........Please dont stop!!!!
  4. Introduce Yourself Here!

    1st post!! hey all im 22 and from Wigan, Uk. I work for a bank. I love simcity and simtropolis, first person shooters (mainly counter-strike) and a few RTS games as well.