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  1. chinese garden v2

    Dont think this is anything Chinese. But it's a nice garden.
  2. Central Plaza

    Good.. looking forward to a real triangular one
  3. zhonghua zutao China Cityblock Pack

    actually which of the building is from hong kong?
  4. Pearl River Delta in china

    seems like you have left pratas out.
  5. QinghaiTibet Platean in china

    And by the way the peaks of the Himalayas are eight nine thousand feet taller than the plataeu.
  6. Pearl River Delta in china

    Eh.. this is the entire Guangdong plus Hainan provinces. Making places too small to develop. Would be nice if it focuses only in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Canton, Macau Panyu, Kiangmen, Seiyap, etc. But thanks anyway. It's great.
  7. Beijintianjingbohai sea district in china

    The Yellow River isn't the only river right?
  8. QinghaiTibet Platean in china

    Would be nice to have the rivers added.
  9. Publics WCRestrooms

    Cannot download... redirect me back to the main page of simtropolis.
  10. NAM Elevated Rail Station

    Is this only the station? Where can I download the el over road tiles at?