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  1. JLY High-Definition Flags - Nordic

    Well not to be an arse, but these are actually flags from Nordic countries, Scandinavia is only Sweden, Denmark and Norway. ("Fenno-Scandinavia" also includes Finland). Just a FYI, ;) Great job though! /Norwegian
  2. World Languages

    I speak Norwegian, English and German. Being Scandinavian I can understand Danish and Swedish aswell. I'd like to learn Chinese Mandarin.
  3. What about trying to get the ongoing Union up and running properly first...
  4. What Music are you listening to right now?

    Glyn R Brown - Firelord (symphonic) - awesome composer, lots of his music is free, just search for his name on google.
  5. Old Building

    old eh? well I like it, and your not a trottel btw :)
  6. Issue 1: Totally agree Issue 2: Agreed, but it also depends on the game. i.e. Quake Live, doesn't have music, so what I like to do is put my headphones on the table in front of me so I can here the shots go off and what not, and have some fast paced metal on my stereo in the background. Makes the game so much more fun! Issue 3: I partially agree here aswell, it can be infuriating especially if it's happening at a party, but when Im in my room listening to music on line trying to find new bands to like, I often tend to switch songs before they are finished because I can normaly hear if I like the song or not the first minute or so. Issue 4: Totally agree Issue 5: Agreed when it comes to rap, I do not really like that sort of music (except for the oldschool stuff like sugar hill gang). Though if it is a chiptune, or commondore64 remix (look it up on the web if you do not know what I am talking about here) then a remix can often be even better then the original. So my rule of thumb would be that an electronica remix is ok, but you just don't remix rock or rap... cause it turns into crap! (see what I did there ) ,take care
  7. Is Opera better than Firefox?

    Wow, really Zelgadis? I only run Opera at the moment, though I used Firefox before, and the old version of opera before that again, and I rarely have problems with opera. Simtropolis works just great for me, it might be some amin tools that don't work for you Zelgadis, hence I wouldn't know of them... As for security, from what I have read in the past Opera tend to fix what ever bugs and secutiry holes they have faster than Mozilla (firefox), but all in all they have the same level of security. Though always remember to have security software installed no matter how secure your browser is I jumped to Opera for the fact that it leaves less junk on your harddrive, and uses less resources. Many of the addons I needed to get Firefox to run the way I wanted, I don't need in Opera. Simply because it runs the way I want to "out of the box". As the rest said though, it really is all about preference, but I would recommend Opera ,take care
  8. Show Us Your Interchanges!

    To all you interchange-geeks out there, what would you call this one? It's location is just south of Wuhan, China ,take care
  9. Oh didn't know the multiplayer would cost an extra 3 euros / month, then again that's nothing, can't wait!
  10. The Definition of "Christian"

    Well, I am not religious my self, but I grew up in a family that was fairly religious (grandparents, uncles/aunt etc.) and to me it seems like a christian, wherever the person may be orthodox or protestant, could be described by the following words: - Superstitious (self explanatory, as I am an atheist) - Believes in one (1) all knowing God, and his counterpart (yes, Satan - Believes in The Creation as described in the bible (in short terms, god made us, and everything over a period of time) - Believes that Jesus was/is the son of god, and sacrificed himself for humanity - We are created in God's own image (we shall inherit the earth etc.) - Believe they should teach other humans of their religion and pass it on to their next - Believe that others who do not believe in Jesus as the saviour and God as his father will be judged and will "go to hell" - Are waiting to recieve the final judgement themselves - That homosexuality, in it's sense is unnatural and not intended by God. BUT disagreement if it is sinful or not. - That the Bible is a (fairly) sufficiant guide to ethics (and live by the 10 commandments) Like I said, I am not religious my self and this is my idea of a Christian person, and I might have left something out that I did not think of. ,take care!
  11. Nasa's Earth Observatory

    thanks man, that is a great place for ideas and ispiration, or just a realy good site to sit back relax and look at some amazing photos of our beloved planet. I've seen av few of these images before, as often twice or so a month these images get dugg up on digg.com. Can't say I'm a big digg fan, but it is a useful site for entertainment purposes As I am on the bus home for easter now on the free wifi service I might aswell spend the time to get some inspiration from NASA's images. Btw, since you gave me a link to a cool site, I might aswell return the favor. Here is the link to NASA's 1970s space colony drawings. some of them make for awesome backgrounds aswell! www.nas.nasa.gov/About/Education/SpaceSettlement/70sArt/art.html take care,
  12. Vandia (built on iPhone!)

    Originally posted by: danielcote Wow its must have been 2 years since Ive played simcity 3000 I still have it but its on my old computer that my dad got in like 1997 or something old like that.quote> Wow, yeah... THAT's old ... that was ironic, if you guys couldn't tell. take care,
  13. Show Us Your Interchanges!

    McDuell: Nice little "retro-spective" there . I also like how functionalistic it is, the idea of having two motorways, and a railway system in the middle. Quite the classic example of how roads were planned back in the days (thinking of the start of the social-liberalistic era of planning). |||T||| |||T||| |||T||| |||T||| |||T||| ||| - Highway/free-way etc. T - Railway An example of this would be the area of Groruddalen with it's 90,000 inhabitants outside of Oslo (an area north of the CBD consisting mainly of apartmentblock's from the 60's and 70's) And the overview: Of course, the first example of H-T-H, is just a simplification, but these images show how it might look in reality. I want to add that the terrain in this area can be quite steep and both hard and expensive to plan and build. take care,
  14. Show Us Your Interchanges!

    A - maaazing work there McDuell, and as with haljackey, I especially like the "turbine" interchange. It looks freaking sweeeet! keep up the inspiring work!
  15. Show Us Your Interchanges!

    Well thanks for the info guys, interesting stuff I'm working on a new region atm. I'll see if I can upload some images some time... they'll mostly be small interchanges though, cause I only build small roads