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  1. Hi - So someone else has issues with Akar! Good to know. My purchase of SimCity 5 is recent. I lost a week's worth of good work because Akar borked my region. >_< The bulldoze and connections stopped working. Deleted, reinstalled SC5, started up and created a new regions & city with a little bit put down in it. Turned off autosave! Saved and closed. Added Akar 0 package (first one). Whoops, all roads gone! Added AkarRoadsSet and the problem resumed. I'm thinking that SC has updated, I'm on Win 10, and it's all borked up now. >_< I think the UDoN might work, which is really all I wanted. The ploppable T interchange requires Akar. Dangit. Off to start over. Arrgh. ETA - The UDoN addon bits available now (1.9/1.7) do work without Akar!. Yay! Other stuff not messed up. Oppie's mods also seem to work with this. I should add...I'm not going to mess with ANY regional roads! That looks like trouble waiting to happen.
  2. Project Akar : UI Enhancement

    I only recently bought the SimCity 2013 Cities of Tomorrow deluxe package, and once I installed this lot of Akar plus the (recommended?) UDoN packages, my bulldoze function stopped working on the roads. Seems to have totally borked the city, too. What the heck happened? Does anyone read these comments anymore? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.