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  1. 1916 The Chelsea

    Looks nice and authentic.
  2. How about making a new (free) version of the Census Repository that would be known as the "Neighborhood Post Office"? It could be a free, smaller-scale facility with just a handful of jobs available. A free version would be especially useful for those of us who don't use money trainers and don't have the simoleons to spend on the facility, but are obsessively interesed in our SimStatistics. I would love a version of the repository that could work from outside SC4, for example.
  3. Are there any mods out there that could change the cost of demolishing a building depending on whether or not it's abandoned? I would love to have the ability to do "urban renewal" on the cheap.
  4. Bay Of Naples

  5. I'd like to make a map request and I hope this is the right place. Is there anyone who can make a map of Manchester, U.K.? A scale of 16 x 16 km works for me...the thing I'd like most of all is to make sure that its rivers and canals are included. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help...
  6. Mykolayiv Ukraine

    Really interesting terrain, can't wait to use it.
  7. Daejeon

    This is a great map. I've been wanting something I could use to make a lot of bridges.
  8. I would love to have a transportation map mod that follows the Google Maps style. Basically: Roads/Streets = white Avenues = yellow Highways = orange Ferries = dashed navy-blue line Rail = traditional double track lines... is there any way to match this in SimCity? It doesn't use specific colors for mass transit, so maybe those could just stay the same as in the original maps. Also nice would be... Parks = light green Educational buildings, hospitals, landmarks = dark grey Here's an example from San Francisco: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=San+Francisco,+CA&ll=37.753989,-122.410011&spn=0.012656,0.045662 The background colors used are grey for the urbanized areas, and a paler grey for everything that isn't developed yet. You can see an example of this here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=asheville,+nc&ll=35.634907,-82.534447&spn=0.02602,0.091324 Kudos in advance to anyone who can do this!
  9. Laredo TX

    I've tried downloading the file a couple of times but it's not loading correctly... the terrain is very jagged and doesn't look at all like the generated map. Anyone else having this problem.
  10. Nowhere Plains

    Well, I kind of like it. A little rotating and you could make it into a nice map for a town like Reno, Nevada (located near Lake Tahoe)
  11. Tsaratanana

    Really amazing terrain, can't wait to build on it.
  12. Marseille

    Great job.
  13. Official Mapping Community Requests

    Two requests: (a) Flint, Michigan (b) London, Ontario Thanks in advance to whoever can pick these up!
  14. Lehigh Valley PA USA Allentown Bethlehem

    Very nice job... I find that if I import your maps into Landscape Designer and use the "Raise terrain" function that helps me make the terrain playable without using any plugins.
  15. Scranton PA USA v1

    Looks very good.