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  1. Functional Offshore Oil Platform V1

    Its amazing how rich in oil all my coastal cities are....
  2. Kane Memorial Hospital

    Got enough Heli-pads?...
  3. goverment complex by request

    don't forget the Reflection Pool...
  4. Boulevard Divider

    Didn't your mom ever teach you not to play in(between) the street?
  5. Sentry Outpost

    nice idea... how big is the "immediate area"?
  6. National Disaster Emergency Center

    the radius coverage for fire and police dwindles each month to nothing, then maxes back out, and repeats.. cost remains the same.....?
  7. Horse Racing Track

    GREAT Idea! Original... especially with the crime effect... any mobsters walking the grounds?
  8. Farm Labor Camp

    Are you the official "Farm Labor Liaison" or something? :-)
  9. Army Checkpoint

    I love that they're in front of the barracks(?) doing PT... Great Idea.
  10. Toll Booth

    Good way to charge people who wanna work outta town... but is it NECESSARY to have ramps on both sides? If I place this next to a border, will it still allow traffic to cross the border?
  11. Small Bus Stop

  12. Comcast Cable Communications Inc

    We don't have Comcast here (COX and Qwest), but thats cool you made their bldg... it does look like their bldg, right?
  13. NexisCrossPyramid

    not to sound like a Negative Nancy, but do ya think the Aztecs worshipped Christ?... ;-)
  14. American Civil War Cemetary v10

    Great lot. I gave ya a 9 just for the idea of it...
  15. Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

    Mine only has the base and the upper part (greenish waters) of the water tower. Any suggestions why?