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  1. Upgradeable Seaports Revamped

    Rampon - double check that you have all the dependencies listed, those ships I believe are from PEG_CDK--IND_205_SU pack. Removing the News Filter mod would be a very good start to get the upgrade script, I forgot about this mod. iramalama - I have tested this and I don't have this issue. I can only imagine with all the mods out there, some may conflict with this mod, that I haven't found
  2. Bulker

    Great work. Question-is this a prop? How do I get this to appear? Cheers.
  3. Upgradeable Seaports Revamped

    Version 2


    Upgradeable Seaports - Version 2! These ports have had a major face lift, plus as a bonus, there is now an additional Seaport Freight Rail Station included (details below), to off-load those goods to your seaport(s) door step. The Seaport operates (upgrades) just like the in game Airports. Warning!!! If you are using, and/or want to continue using other seaport mods from the STEX - you must install the following file: Swamper77's Seaport Support file Instructions are in Swamper’s support file. Otherwise you must uninstall all other seaport mods before installing this upgradeable seaport package or else they will not function. The original upgradeable seaport package must be un-installed if you have it loaded. Notes: ü If you plop a second Seaport it will also have the option of upgrading when capacity is reached. ü The original Maxis Seaport menu icon has been used (no additional menu icon).
  4. BSCBAT propsDon MiguelVol 1

    How about a picture?
  5. Improved Parking Garage includes Bus interchange

    I had the same issue jp walker. Glad people are finding it useful. Thanks all.
  6. Upgradeable Seaports

    Hi all, thanks for feedback. I have noticed that the ships still going through the seaports. This maybe something we may need to live with if you want the cargo ships. For some reason Maxis switch to those empty gnome ships, maybe a bug that Masix knows about.
  7. Version 1


    Improved Parking Lot Garage: Transit enabled - This mod improves the Parking Lot Garage public transport usage via the park and ride, and bus features in one. Other parameter changes: ------------------------ Lot includes bus public transport Monthly cost is $20 Plop cost is $350 Capacity is 5000 Other information: Lot is transit enabled (does not let cars through, so they must park and ride the bus system. This is a great lot for allowing the buses to take short cuts - improves usability over the old Parking Garage and improves public transport usage). Enjoy....
  8. Upgradeable Seaports

    Link to the freight station has now been updated, sorry for that I missed that comment. Reospeed - it is in the standard menu where you have the orginal seaport...(it is the same standard menu icon as you before the mod). I didn't want an additional one as this mod fixes the orginal maxis stuff.
  9. GCP Public Parking Garage

    Good work - is this modded in any way? I'm trying to get more practical use out of these in the game. Cheers
  10. Water Resevoir

    Very nice, is there any chance of making one with a roof on it and roughly the size of 4x4?
  11. Industrial Unit 1

    excellent job - keep them coming.
  12. Six House Row

    Excellent work! Been waiting for something like this for a while now.
  13. Upgradeable Seaports

    Thanks for the response everyone. I'm still not 100% satisfied with the ships at the side of the seaports, as they still sometimes try to take shortcuts through solid items - I just wanted to let you know that I am still looking into this. Cheers!
  14. Upgradeable Seaports

    Version 1


    NOTE: A new release has been added to the STEX, link can be found here: Upgradeable SeaportVersion 2.
  15. All 3 CityHalls Modd Reward fix

    Let me know in detail concerning the other issues, for example the mayor's house etc. Maybe something can be done! Cheers