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The year is 678 AP (678 years after the apocalypse). Global warming, pole shifting and a new Human species have cause the Earth to be a wasteland. Humans have split into two groups. The...

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 There is good news. Nekita has now began construction. The road system has almost complete. The new highway system. has began with a main junction leading to Sparto Centra. Sparto Centra will also begin transformation as a result. Sparto Centra will become the main hub of all transportation. These are some pictures of Nekita.


This is the main junction for Nekita. South leads to a new future industrial city, east leads to Sparto Centra, North leads to the Gromgoring basin and east leads to the township of Nekita.

nekitaoct9011289820323c.pngThis is the other side of Nekita. This area will contain most of the residentials areas.

nekitaoct7011289820303c.pngThis is the interchange leading North and South.

nekitaoct4011289820281c.pngThis is the entire area of Nekita. This is the perfect to build the first true suburb. Now we will expand and we will come out stronger because this is ..... SPARTA!


Sparto Centra Grows

 Sparto Centra has grown expotentially. It now has a population of 30,000 people! The city is becoming more and more crowded and the land is being bought at such a fast rate. Trinity has made the first commercial skyscraper in the region.  It stands as a symbol of their power and might.

There is an estimated 100,000 extra people who are settling near Sparto Centra. This means Sparto Centra could become a commercial center.

Here are some pictures of the on going progress:

spartocentrajul13148128.pngAs you can see, streets are tried being made evenly.

spartocentrajul15148128.pngThis is Town Hall Lane and Town Hall business center.

spartocentrajul17148128.pngThis is Princesa Medical Center.

spartocentrajul19148128.pngThis is Tower Group 1. Most of the Sparto's electricity is produced by wind power.

spartocentramay71481289.pngThe entire area of Sparto Centra.


This is the industrial center. It is still under construction.

spartocentramay12148128.pngA beautiful community surronded by a man-made stream.


This is the governmental house where discussions are kept and high court cases are held.


The New Government

 The government has changed. It was once a republic but due to the lack of power to the executive office, the republic became a constitutional monarchy. This is how it revolves:

Governing Head (King)

Executive Office 

(elected every 20 years can override head

of state powers)

Head of State(Senator)

Legislative Branch, Common Branch (The lower

middle class branch)

Head of State(Senator)

Legislative, Wealth Branch (The high middle 

class and the high class)

Each Senator is chosen by an electoral body. The electoral

body is chosen by the House of Greenush,

which include 25 representatives from each city/region.

Due to the fact that the empire is only one city strong,

the 25 representatives will have to chose a political 

party. The house is elected by the people.

Each party than nominates a two senators

to run for both offices. Then senators

will be chosen by the people.

The king has a passed down crown 

which means it goes to his oldest son/daughter.

If the king cannot do his duty, the Senators

can overthrow him and call for an emergency

election ,where both parties pick a noble family

trustworthy of the job.

Official Language


(A mix of English, French and Latin)

Official Relgion

None freedom of relgion

A new flag as also come as a result of the collapse of our empire:


 @Devonf,cyruschase,Zombiehunter,DCMetro34, Thanks everyone on the comment about the region. As much as I would like this region to be mine it is by the author  lordtoddonius. You can get this map here http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=25181

The Spartan goverenment has reformed and has allowed the construction of an industrial center/ capital. It is located in the Bay of Lowhile. Since a lot of the middle and rich classes evacuated the empire, this has allowed us to quickly construct new buildings and utilities. The biggest company, Trinity , has great control over our finacences and the hiring of mercenaries. They also own 45% of all the industry so far. The more industry grows, the more the company grows.

Millions of people are flocking to Spartos. It is suprising that the Britiles haven't noticed the movement.  Our armies' strength is at 45,000 troops and counting with the more enlistments coming in. But, that will not be enough to defend Spartos. We hired Trinity and they hired an extra 100,000 mercenarie troops. We have made a plan that once we get our military to above 200,000 soldiers, we will disband the mercenaries.

Here is the new region of Spartos.

sparta1289429234.pngThis is SPARTA!


 @ Blakeway: Lol I didn't no that 9.gif7

 @ Paulobergonci Thank you. I will try my best to make it as intresting as possible.

 @ Devonf Yeh couldn't find anything else.

 @ JeeKtan Maybe. I'm not really a big fan of anime.

Spartos was founded in year 74AP by a colonization group who wanted to create a city for Sparta. The city flourished and had a population of 707 thousand people until the city was wiped out by a giant explosion. When our scouts where sent there, 12 out of 17 developed some kind of skin condition and died 20 miles outside the city. We then just left the area to be. 

Spartos is now the last city of Sparta. The area shows no signs of a city being here because of the natrual growth that have consumed it and the number of volacie (volcanic) eruptions. There is though, signs on the land that something once stood there such as the old dockyards. They have survived natures effects.

Our plans for Spartos is simple. We plan to create a city from scratch, and make it a refugee center and a fortress. We also need money so there must be an economic center. The area is full of minerals that can be used for export and manufacturing. We can use what little the rubble is left from the old city to recycle it for building materials. We will also institute a small highway system so people can evacuate the outer city to the inner city. There will be a curfew at 10 am. The police will be instituted in the military and all males above the age of 18 must join the reserve corps.

Now this is the region of Spartos.

sparta1289041116.pngWelcome to Spartos.



         The apocalypse marked a turning point in human life. Will humanity turn into perfect mechanical machines or continue to live naturally? This all happened because somebody wanted to make money. Theologians suggest that financial collapse, starvation, global warming, and shortage of resources lead to the apocalypse. We don't know much about the apocalypse. We know that humanity engulfed the world in fire with some type of device which was able to wipe out entire cities. We then believe in after effect, in the year 4 AP, the android device was marketed to a fractured world by some type of Nord Americana (North American) empire. The empire gained a considerable amount of Deviea (Euro/American Dollar). That empire today is gone. Nobody has been able to make contact with them. Expeditions to Nord Americana have all ended in disaster. 

The few that make it back tell stories of man eating people. They also tell of a frozen wasteland everywhere they look. 

           Sparta was founded in 349 by the Emperor Samuelis Guneius by conjoining of the republic of Puris and the Duchy of Glasgow (Munich). Sparta at its peak in the 470 had all the land in between in between Glasgow and Puris.  This includes Itachino (Italy), Rhonelan (Rhineland), Nord Espain and Marque (Corsica). The empire was stabilized because of the extermination of all androids in 427. The extermination killed 8 million androids in home and foreign lands. Today Sparta has been all but destroyed. The land Sparta once had either was taken by the Britile Empire or became their own nation. Sparta's last hope is in the sacred place of Sparto. There Sparta can take a last stand against the Britiles who are currently looking for Sparta's last refuge. 



Sparta's Flag.

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