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About this City Journal

this is a natural growth cj but of starcraft 2 i am making this on empires and nations map but am making it in editor so i can save and edit when i like

Entries in this City Journal


robberies and mining

welcome back. lets show you the mining company of skelicha which provides all of skelicha with the minerals they need. but lately it has been getting robbed, the mining company called for support from the military but only lately have they been responding.


here u can see the mines and some of the miners, the miners load the shaven crystals into massive trucks to get sent elsewhere, the minerals come from undeground so they can get loads more all the time.


this is the biker gang of skelicha it is small but they are actively recruiting (btw if any of you want to be in this biker gang im gonna add and rp element to this cj) they rob the mining company alot and the mining company need help but noone can help them because of the internal conflicts in the city of skelicha 



welcome to planet Skelicha it is a mostly peaceful planet with biker gangs, bar brawls. basically what u would expect from a normal planet well ill show you around here we have the main city of Skelicha. Crasha is a mostly urban town with many people living in it but it cannot expand much because of borders


this is the rich district it has many townhouses but also some small huts, u can also see a blimp with advertising in the sky there are many such blimbs all over Crasha


this is basically the entertainment area of town it has two bars and you can see a house and dump truck here. the dump trucks come reguralary and are mostly sent off to the mining company for reuse into their products


the last place we will see in this entry will be the nuke staging ground at the reasearch base. it was built to test new weapons but was also used once against a zerg threat (look up zerg and starcraft together to find them) it hasnt been used since


there are 3 nuke launchers there are also two reactors to power it and also a command biodome to authorise launches out of the missile tubes it has only been authorised twice and that was in the zerg invasion

thats all for now but stay with us next time as we see more of skelicha and meet the biker gang

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