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  1. Introduce Yourself Here!

    I suppose I should write something in this thread now that I've been a citizen here three weeks or so. I'm 25, male, living on the west coast of Norway. I attend college where I am doing a Bachelor in Human Resources. Previously I've attended a university and studied Intellectual History and Comparative Religion. I've also studied Sociology as a part of the Bachelor degree I'm working on. I've been heavily involved in American football here in Europe since I was a teenager, and particularily as a coach from age 20. After 5 years I've now taken a break and will focus more on my studies the coming two years. I've also run a few websites over the past 5 years (One, http://www.tnfj.com>TNFJ.com, is still barely clinging to life). As far as gaming goes, I have played A LOT of Half-Life, particularily deathmatch. I've been playing Sim City since SC2000, but not extensively. Other favorite computer games include: Pirates, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, C&C: Generals, Jones in the Fast Lane, Warcraft II, Doom, Doom II, Sierra Front Page Sports Football (particularily '96) and the Madden series (but mainly on PS2). That's about it I guess.