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  1. Paeng's Grunge Concrete Set

    This has added so much to my city's industrial areas. Thank you!
  2. NAM : Automata disappearing

    Right, i have this strange problem... i use NAM, windows version (i have windows so that's not the problem) I have right-hand drive version of game and have installed the right-hand version... However, all the commuting cars (that are generated when people drive to work) just pops up and fades out over and over again! The same thing applies to pedestrians and trucks... however automata such as taxi's and schoolbuses, aswell as trains work properly Anyone else having this problem?
  3. I like using the Elrail on Road set that comes with the NAM base pack (don't forget to download stations for it too!), it has a kind of chicago-ish feel me beleives...
  4. Ideas for the next XL Game

    No, it only changed name, not actual logos and such. I usually didn't bother naming buildings and roads, since i have so many buildings and roadsigns disappear when i change the piece of road... but i do name stations and communal buildings... Oh, and this would greatly improve CXL: - More songs in soundtrack - More buildings - More transit options - More responsive bridge/metro building system
  5. Are there subways in CXL 2011?

    Remember that while the metro gan go above ground, under ground, and at ground level, you can't build level crossings and only stations underground. Finally the metro track looks edgy and unrealistic, and the building tool is unresponsive... (i'm in a ranting mood)
  6. London Underground sub surface station

    just 7 downloads for this amazing thing?
  7. What Do \You Think About This Region?

    Well... i think that it is too large. If you pack all the tiles full of stage 8 scrapers, then all you see is a mosaic of walls and windows... if you focus more on medium density with maybe stage 6/7 in the downtown, people will be able to see the street level much better, and the street level can look pretty good too, with all the mods out there... I also suggest that you get the NAM and it's addons, for example, you will find a more realistic highway, which i think is nearly a must in every pro's city.
  8. October Bridge

    Looks awesome. Downloading it now...
  9. A neat SC4 Easter Egg...

    Originally posted by: Jumpthefence Here's another one I just found for you: those yellow and black guardrail covers are wrong. Their stripes are supposed to point downwards towards the road, so drivers at night can tell where the road is. Like this: The one on the right implies the road is to the right of the tunnel... This doesn't look like a well-engineered road...quote> Not to even mention the huge 50 cm-gap in the road just where the tunnel begins...
  10. GLR in avenue to subway transition

    Just wondering - where's that transition piece? Or do you mean Tram-A to Tram Under A?
  11. R-

    Well-it's quite logical, really. A 14x14 meter lot is far too small for any wealthy/large family...
  12. Growing Cities

    If you want more I-D jobs, build them in a neighbour city! I once made a region named Solrein. A medium sized city (Hometown Bay) had a very trafficed and well-connected neighbour to Cestill, my Huge I-D Blob. Now, this stimulated demand for R-S a lot, i managed to get 3 Project hopes within 10 cells! Poor residential takes much less place/inhabitant, while the biggest Hi-Wealth scrapers have around 400 in population, project hope and Simrises have 7000. Today, Hometown bay has 160,000 inhabitants, and there's still a lot of Industrial and agricultural zoning left in the Medium tile. I think i can press it up to 400,000.
  13. SimCity 4 in the Future: A Falcon Approach?

    Mister Moose is correct: This is such a good idea that EA never willl make it.