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  1. EARH PARK 10

    Maybe, 6459978, but none by you. I give it a ten.
  2. JENXLargeTimberFrameHouse4

    Can you make them growable?
  3. Crumby Arms

    Cool. We need more of this type of building since these are the most prevalent anyway.
  4. CokeCola Packing Plant

  5. Invader Zims Irken Flag Prop

    Sweet. Now you just need to make some buildings for those of us who don't use the editor. I'd download it. :)
  6. Georgian Townhouse

    Sweet a growable old fashioned building. Now if only the guy doing those timber houses would do the same.......
  7. El Castillo en Chichen Itza

    What are the specs?
  8. Shmails Organic Market

    Can you make a growable version? It looks sweet.
  9. Corporate Enterprises

    I love it! Can you make a growable version? That would be sweet.
  10. Fashion mall

    It won't let me click on it. It just says "boutique" whenever i put the mouse over it.
  11. PanArabian Hotel

    I give it a 9 because it's growable. Looks pretty cool too.
  12. Ocean Dump Facility

    I think this is a great idea, but i have a couple of suggestions for an update. The mayor rating drop definitely needs to be direct. Also, the water pollution needs to be off the scale. If you put this on a river, it needs to trash the whole river.
  13. St Somebody Catholic Church

    Got a 10 from me! I've been waiting for a nice church like this. If anyone could make a nice landmark style cathedral, that would be awesome. I've been making a city in the london region and have been wishing for St. Pauls and Westminster. Alas, no such luck yet.
  14. Downtown Roller Rink

    Looks nice. I just wish it was growable. :(
  15. Starbucks cofee

    I installed it and played for a day, but it hasn't popped up yet. I love it anyway and give it a 9