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  1. Origin: SimCity 2000™ Special Edition 'On The House'

    " If this game were any more realistic, it'd be illegal to turn it off! " Then came SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, Cities XL...
  2. Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC)

    I don't care! I just want it deleted!   For what reason? The description is weird but your reaction seems odd to me
  3. Better Heavy Industry

    "at the "cost" of also hiring about a third more unskilled workers per factory." Cost? No matter how much Industrial I zone there is no more being built and there's an unemployment crisis in my city. This will help so much! Thanks!
  4. IncGamers: Cities: Skylines Infrastructure highlights

    I wonder how this will compare with Cities XXL, though seeing how the developers are that passionate with their work I'm sure it'll compare favorably, maybe even be better. As for the graphics engine, I'm honestly hoping they will take on a more realistic direction after beta, but even if they don't change art style it's really good.
  5. Cities XXL: Teaser Trailer

    The skyboxes look even better now. EDIT: Edited this instead of double posting. Look at the end of the video, where the Cities XXL logo and the website address is. Look at the background. IS THAT A TRAIN I SEE? Original post: I hope there's rail (monorail/traditional/even Maglev but not the Cities of Tomorrow type the real ones) and other transportation choices in this release though, as well as more infrastructure options and city services, to further make Cities XL a viable simulator. (To me it's as if Cities XL 2011 and above versions are minor updates while the Focus team are working on this one. I hope this release updates the game tremendously. Cities: Skylines is just around the corner.) EDIT: I wonder how good this will be, especially compared to Cities: Skylines (also very promising) and SimCity (believe it or not, I found the 2013 SimCity to be far more fun to play than Cities XL, which is a bit cumbersome and requires a lot of decisions, but I think that represents urban planning more realistically than the simplicity of SimCity's gameplay)
  6. UDI Unlock Kit

    " Fanta has taken great lengths to make his site accessible to English speaking users. However, I encourage you to exploit the automatic translation features available in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, or one of many Add-ons for Internet Explorer. Mandatory registration will unlock Fanta's downloads and all other custom content on SimCity China. A login prompt and two verification screens may seem excessive, but are well worth it.   Since Fanta spends considerable time manufacturing custom mods, he specifically requested my assistance publishing his work to the mainstream English speaking audience. All credit and responsibility for this download lies solely with Fanta Soda. He will personally read and perhaps respond to any praise, feedback, criticism, or suggestions to this post. More impressive works from Fanta will follow.   " Your fine print is very, very professional. May not be a major thing, but I applaud you.   Useful mod too. I'm going to download :D
  7. HD Sandy Beach Mod

    Um... How come I did not have the new beach textures and were stuck with the Maxis ones even after I unzipped this into the Plugins folder? Just in case it's useful, I unzipped it in C:\Users\Joshua\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins and I used a beach extender mod. Anyway nice pictures, hopefully I'll have the effect :-)
  8. Details... without pictures :-( [UPDATED]

    Thnx for the greetings!
  9. Details... without pictures :-( [UPDATED]

    Today I am going to share a few details about New Puppetland, without any pictures yet. - The mayor-king is a cat. I won't share his name now, though. - The city planner helps the mayor shape this city. He is the one who made this city journal and typed the text you're reading now. - This is called "New Puppetland" because part of the land area came from the original Puppetland. The original Puppetland was a place where puppets were popular toys and "moving puppets" strolled the sidewalk. The original Puppetland was destroyed. Puppetland II was built in a faraway place. It got abandoned because of lack of interest and was also destroyed. - The busiest airport serving the city is KSIA. (I won't share the meaning of this abbreviation because the name of the mayor-king cat is there) because of how near it is to the city. Another well-known airport is the Josh V-cat International Airport (JVIA) or Empireofcities International Airport (EoC-IA), which is the smallest airport serving the city, yet very popular for the industry in New Puppetland. The last airport is called New Puppetland International Airport (NPIA) and has a large land area yet is very unpopular due to the undeniably long route to the airport as well as a lack of modern facilities. NPIA is currently under renovation with more modern facilities and mass transit services, and when this renovation is finished NPIA will become the largest airport in Puppetnation with an area of more than 12km2. - There is a population of over 290,000. [uPDATE: The population went over 300,000.) - As of now the commercial aircraft operating in New Puppetland airports is the R-Concorde (Restored Concorde) (Meow Airlines, British Airways) (Serves all airports), Boeing 747 (British Airways, Meow Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines) (KSIA only, NPIA coming soon), Meow Airlines custom commuter jet (Serves all airports). Coming soon: Airbus A380 (All airlines mentioned carrying 747) (NPIA and KSIA only), Airbus A320 (Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Meow Airlines, Philippine Airlines) (NPIA and KSIA only). - There used to be an Area 5.1 base but it was demolished due to the Puppet War (Puppetnation vs. Toyville) being ended as well as security concerns. The Area 5.1 base is relocated to the military/air force base sharing the runways with NPIA. - An experimental airport was built for breaking the world record of "Smallest Airport", with the airport itself (including runway) being slightly smaller (in terms of land area) than 5 real-size duplicates of the White House built side-to-side. Unfortunately, the 707 used for test landing and takeoff got destroyed after several dents from the nearby plane-crash proof New Puppetland Convention Center because the runway was too short. - New Puppetland was the first city in the Puppetland saga (Puppetland [original] built in SimCity 4 in 2009-2010, Puppetland II built in SimCity Societies in 2010, New Puppetland built in SimCity 4 in 2011) to feature High-Tech industry. It was also the first not to feature a casino and it was the most secure and safe city in the saga. - The choice of energy by the mayor-king was synergy so that power plants can each have a fraction of their capacity used and thus has a maximum life period. The sources of energy were carefully selected: Solar (15,000 MWh total power), Hydrogen (100,000 MWh total power), Wind Turbine (MWh not counted) and Modern Waste-to-energy (5,000 MWh one plant only). (The modern Waste-to-energy process used involves a lot of air filters and other techniques to produce a low level of pollution. - There were several parks around the city to help reduce pollution and allow for a big recreation facility. - The transportation system is seeing major reforms. A new highly-effective highway system will be used to connect New Puppetland with Puppet City. [NEW) - Aside from airports and highway systems as mentioned above, the transportation systems serving New Puppetland are: Ferries and cruise ships, an intercity Monorail system, El Train/Subway, Roads, Streets and Avenues (of course), freight rail, and a spaceport (though a ticket to Mars is quite expensive). The next entry will include pictures of KSIA and the city. Bye!
  10. POLITICS Part 1

    Correction to my comment (ugh.. triple post): All of "Cotabato Region" actually belongs to SOCCSKARGEN.
  11. POLITICS Part 1

    ADDITIONAL: I know all the facts here are fiction facts and not really facts, but actually, Cagayan de Oro is a city, not region. the "Cagayan de Oro Region" is actually Northern Mindanao, minus North Cotabato. The Cotabato Region is actually divided, the northern half belongs to Northern Mindanao, the northern half of the southern half belongs to ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao) and the southern half of the southern half belongs to SOCCSKARGEN. Also, the "Agusan Region" and the "Surigao Region" is actually one region, called CARAGA. And some of the small islands off the Mindanao Coast designated as part of "Agusan Region" is also part of ARMM. "Zamboanga Region" is not called Zamboanga Region, it's called Zamboanga Peninsula. Davao's map and the fact that it has 6 regions are already ok and correct. The six regions are: Zamboanga Peninsula, Northern Mindanao, ARMM, CARAGA, SOCCSKARGEN, and Davao Region.
  12. POLITICS Part 1

    I live in the queen island of Mindanao! (No, i won't give any details about my hometown.)
  13. Historical Landmarks

    My home island! I been to those places already in a vacation (the park you posted pictures above)! So much realistic! Wow! (No, i won't give details about my hometown.)
  14. Mattesburgh: Spain Town

  15. Burj Al Alam the World Tower