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  1. Hey, anyone remember me? Anyway, I haven't played SC13* yet, but reading all the complaints so far I have a few cautiously, desperately optimistic thoughts. Basically, things WILL get better, slowly. -The server problems will be resolved within a couple of weeks, as the flood of new users slackens off and traffic becomes more steady. Everyone who bought a copy, couldn't play right away, and swore they'd never buy another EA product again, will either sell/return their copy of the game or come trickling back. -The bugs, glitches, and crashes will be mostly fixed by patches within a couple months. I don't blame EA for the bugs, no amount of beta testing can ferret out all the issues that will arise from playing a game like this for weeks on end. -Sometime down the road EA might release a patch/expansion that allows for local saves, but the game will still require an always-on connection to the internet so it can phone home every now and then. Don't expect it any time soon though... if they do it at all, it'll be years from now when EA is looking to shutter their SimCity online systems. Maybe the patch will give you the option to play offline, or enter the address of a (third party) remote server to connect to. (Aside: I bet the code for this already exists, so as to make in-house testing possible during development. It was just removed or disabled prior to release.) -I suspect the first major update we'll see, other than bug fixes, will be a set of content-creating tools for users to download. Region editor, BAT, Lot Editor, an "official" equivalent to the iLive Reader, and so on. At the same time, EA will launch their own Mod Exchange, where users can upload and download user-generated mods for free, and download "premium" mods for a price. $$$ for DLC is a nifty business model these days, even if users hate it. The most telling evidence for this is a screenshot I saw of an error that read something like, "You can not claim this city because you do not own some of the content used to create it." Wish I could find it now. -The rumor mill says Maxis plans to add the abilty to make city tiles bigger, but that's a little ways away. Seems they fixed the city size small for performance reasons, and they still have to work out the scalability issues before offering bigger city tiles. Recalling back to SimCity 4's release 13 years ago (has it really been that long??), there was a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth about how the online product registration didn't work, how you couldn't mod or customize anything, and how the game mechanics made building a successfull city next to impossible. Patches, the Rush Hour expansion, and the user-generated mods fixed pretty much all of those issues in due course, and it became Everyone's Favorite. This left SimCity 2013 with some awfully big shoes to fill, and it'll have to grow into them. SimCity 4 sucked right out of the box, but it got better and SimCity 2013 will too. What do other folks think? Anyone else holding out hope? *yes, I declare "SC13" to be the official abbreviation. Let it be so.
  2. Windowed Mode Problem

    Originally posted by: sim-Al2 Simcity 4.cfg is a human-readable text file.quote> You and I must be looking at different files. My SimCity 4.cfg file is a 284-byte file in the root SimCity 4 directory. Perhaps there's a line I can add to the /Apps/SimCity 4.ini file?
  3. Windowed Mode Problem

    Here's a good one for you fine folks. Even with the -w command line switch, SimCity 4 still runs in fullscreen mode. I'm sure it's entered correctly because the -intro:off switch works properly. Perhaps someone could examine their SimCity 4.cfg file with a Hex editor and see where the window/fullscreen marker is? Thanks. ...It's kind of an issue for me since I run a dual-monitor setup with my primary monitor being a smaller widescreen laptop monitor. Unless I can get this sorted out, SC4 will be unplayable on my system.
  4. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    Now that I have my computer up and running again, I thought I'd put this up: When I use my computer I never use the Start menu or Desktop icons; My desktop itself is just a plain black background, with some icons in the corner. I run everything right off the .exe file from Windows Explorer (which I haven't closed in weeks) and the bar on the right side of the screen. At the time I took this picture, I was listening to some music, working on a novel, and puttering around in Photoshop. I didn't have SC4 running at the time, since I'm on a 450MHz machine that barely runs anything else while that game is open. I've been thinking about putting a picture on my desktop to look at while my computer is starting up and shutting down, but I haven't been able to find the right one. Perhaps I'll look through deviantart.com some more. There are some incredible desktops there. I've also gotten a few ideas from you folks...
  5. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Greetings! I'm Lucas, and I'm approxamately 8.5 million minutes old. When I'm not busy being the President of Lukeonia, I'm in Bismarck, North Dakota, attending 10th grade classes at Bismarck High School with my fellow world leaders, Dictator Caleb of Herndon, and Prime Minister Kelly of Kellyoria.
  6. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    This is what's on all the computers here at my school. I would post the one at home but alas, I can't get to my computer right now.