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  1. Nijo Station

  2. I've had no problems whatsoever on my W7 X64 machine. It sounds like your copy is flawed?
  3. Wauw, amazing. Only just started on my new region. Now I'm torn as to whether I should use this instead!
  4. First in-game SimCity 5 screenshots

    Wauw, you people are hard to please. Maxis got a whole six months left before release, and I'm pretty sure the graphic developers is not going on vacation from now on until then. This could definitely be better. But it could be much much worse. Were you guys expecting photo realism? I'm loving this, and I can't wait to see the final outcome!
  5. Madison County

    [quote name='Klis' timestamp='1334081689'] Even though I followed your tut, when I open in SC4, I get the Image 3 as the terrain and not the actual terrain [/quote] No worries about that mate. The terrain will look right, once you open each city and save it. It's supposed to look like img 3 until you done that Hope you figure it out - thanks for downloading!
  6. SimCity(2013) will be moddable

    Yeah, the Buy-o-meter just went to 75 % ... Getting there. Nice.
  7. Madison County

    [quote name='GreekMan' timestamp='1331173824'] cool map! is there any other way to download it without sc4t? does it work with sc4m? [/quote] Never got SC4M to work on my computer, so I can't say for sure. But I guess it works with both programs
  8. Madison County

    [quote name='Hank49' timestamp='1331077496'] Sorry guy, I downladed it, but haven't a clue on how to install it. A short tutor would be appreciated. Thanks in aadvance. By the way it looks great. [/quote] Thanks. Updated the file description to include af tutorial. Done fast though, as I'm at work. Hope it works out for you. Feel free to ask again
  9. Madison County

    [quote name='iowndiscti' timestamp='1331064460'] this is simply wonderful!you must make a tutorial on mountain creation in photoshop. it'll be an interesting read 10\10 [/quote] Thanks for the kind words The mountains are mostly done by hand. The only time I used Photoshop was to outline the shoreline, the rivers and the mountain ridges.
  10. Madison County



    Hello all fellow Simtropians! This is my very first upload to the STEX, and I hope you like it. Madison County is a huge coastal map off of my imagination. It is measuring 12x12 large city tiles and is made with a combination of Photoshop and basic hand terraforming. To make it easier to handle though, I have imported it to SC4 Terraformer which will be needed for this map to work. Installation First off: Get SC4 Terraformer from here Next: After downloading the region Zip-file, make a new folder in your Regions folder inside Documents\SimCity. Call the new folder anything you like. Example: Documents\SimCity\Regions\Madison Copy all the downloaded content from the Zip-file to the new folder. Next open up SC4 Terraformer. Choose to open your newly created region. Choose IMPORT and then select the .SC4M file, that came with the region download. Once imported save your region, and voila Madison County will be the map for my soon-to-come CJ, but I'm liking it so much I thought I'd share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy.
  11. I really like this CJ. I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the step-by-step-roads even though I know the purpose - and that you're not into the whole FAR-thing Anywho, I'm pretty inspired by this, so you'll probably be seeing some of the same techniques in my upcoming CJ (which hopefully will last longer, than my first one ) Good job!
  12. Brunswick Valley Project

    UPDATE 4 Hampton Harbor Replies! vivydu29: Appreciate it, thanks. Chapter 1 - Hampton Harbor Since the Hampton Harbor Project was adopted things have been happening fast in Brunswick Valley. The population in Hampton Harbor has already reached more than 10.000 people, and George Henderson - the Region Planner - has moved in. Here's what he has to write in his diary. Dear Diary. Wow, things is developing quickly around here. It seems like only yesterday I brought my plans for developing the region before the Region Council. And now Hampton Harbor is swiftly growing. It will not be long before we have to expand even further on the coast, I am sure of that. I am excited about the prospect of this city. I believe Hampton can soon enough become the region capital. In time maybe even capital of the whole country. Gah, what am I thinking? Stop dreaming, George! Who knows? Maybe this city will soon be home of some of the largest corporations and the richest people in the country or even the world. But I have to make sure, that I keep a tight grip on everything around here, if I don't wanna screw up. I gave the people a church. And the soft ball field will make good use for the kids around here. However I am a little concerned that this idyllic town will soon be a sprawling metropolis. For good or bad though? Hell, it has already begun with the construction of the Russo Building overlooking Harbor Lake. I can't complain though, since I own the Penthouse myself. Maybe wanna do something about the view though. Not too fancy with the harbor. Could be nicer, but this is why we built the city after all. Maybe I should just move. Hmm, let me see if I can point out a good spot on the map. Maybe further north? It would be nice to have some kind of commercial downtown area near Brunswick Point. Hmm yes, I will have to make plans for that. And the highway and raillines must extend too. Otherwise Hampton will be nearly cut off from the rest of the world. I will make that suggestion right away! The next couple of days, George put action behind his words, and completed the plans for a new commercial district up north. On the sixth day he drove to Shark City (the Capital) to present the plans to the Region Council. Ladies. Gents. Thanks for taking the time to see me today. You all know we got a lot of work ahead of us in Brunswick Valley, and to ensure the continued development of the region, I have come up with new ambitious plans for the coastal area. Take a look here. As you can see, I am proposing the development of a new business district that will bring even more money to the already thriving city of Hampton. I deem it necessary to make clear to President Shotton, that I am not in this for fun. I want to do this, to bring better economy to our country. So I ask of you, that you decide on this proposition right away, so that I can give word to my architechts and city engineers that they got more work to do. Thank you. So now. I would love you to vote: Are you for or against plans to develop the new commercial district and connect it via highway and rail? Vote now Please, feel free to comment and suggest
  13. Ben's Top Ten +10

    Yay, first week and in the 10+. Better than I had expected
  14. Brunswick Valley Project

    UPDATE 3 Rail Road Project - Step 1 complete Replies! Mikeaut1: Well you got some more right here. Schulmanator: Thanks for voting. I completely agree with you. Animaniacs: Thanks, I've been at it for a while. Just didn't know how I should start my CJ The new railroad crosses the Brunswick river into Maxwell. That is Brunswick Valley's connection to the rest of the country. Going out of Maxwell, the rail road crosses through the rural areas on its way to Barnstead. Barnstead and Maxwell are now pretty well connected. Didn't get a lot of votes on the projects, but it is decided with three votes against nil, that the Hampton Harbor project will be started shortly. Stay tuned. - I would have posted this update yesterday, but Simtropolis broke down on me. I will be back soon with another update - and soon some more urban development Please, feel free to comment and suggest