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  1. 500% ... indeed, if one wanted super demand, i'll go out on a limb and suggest that this mod ought to meet that requirement ... :-)
  2. Introduce Yourself Here!

    did not see this post ... don't ask me how i managed not to see it, but i had started my own ... again, for the admins, please feel free to delete that post ... anyway - i'll repost my info: i am 33 from the pittsburgh area - wife, two kids, two dogs, a chameleon, two african water frogs, and two aquariums ... my daughter is the "real" pippi longstocking - looks - personality - etc ... ;-) i own an interactive solutions company: free thought interactive solutions -> http://www.freethoughtis.com - we have three primary markets ... 1) internet/intranet - everything from simple static "brochureware" websites though very complex business intelligence intranet applications 2) design - everything from custom illustration through full corporate identity integration 3) electronic media or emediad (electronic media ads) we serve companies as small as 2 employees to our largest client, the world's fourth largest bank by asset size and everyone in-between ...