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  1. Casino Club

    WOW, very impressive detailing!! Great job!
  2. Berlin's Big Boom

    10 storeys is not a skyscraper, especially for a city of 3 and a half million people. Hell, even Guelph, my hometown (which has only 130,000 people) has lots and lots of those. 20 storeys is sort of notable, 30 storeys is getting closer to skyscraper status.
  3. 1 Andis Plaza

    the base is awesome, really fills it out. nice job!
  4. dirk and ryb, you lucky buggers! Looking forward to the write-up.
  5. SimCity goes casual?

    jack_cheese: halarious box art! Very nice. I suspect you're right about the casual gaming aspect, although if I were a casual gamer, I still can't see why I would want to play SCS...
  6. Cities Unlimited

    Psst, hey guys: http://www.simphoni.net/cities-unlimited/articles/simphoni-interviews-philippe-da-silva/
  7. Cities Unlimited

    Sa-weeeet! This. Looks. Awesome. 8O
  8. Burj Khalifa

    *looks at the picture on page 18* WOW 8O
  9. Burj Khalifa

    *looks at the picture on page 18* WOW 8O
  10. 3ds Max - Troubleshooting & General Discussion

    Oh, I just found a checkbox to enable "automatic welding". Problem solved, but thanks for your help!
  11. 3ds Max - Troubleshooting & General Discussion

    I just got my hands on a copy of 3ds Max 7, and I'm learning how it works. One crucial thing I need though, is: how do you weld two points together? You know in gMax where if you had a single line with two loose points at the ends, you could move the points over each other and it would ask you if you wanted to weld them together? I need something like that for 3ds Max.
  12. My Metropolis

    Originally posted by: PG320 ^Well the thing is I cant really upload anymore pics since its techincally not a CJ. So Staunton will continue of SSP. the Monkeys Uncle - I dont give my textures to anyone, sorry, Textures is what makes your City Unique. Did you try searching for textures on the net? I googled it and found plenty. quote> I didn't expect you to, but I thought it was worth a try anyway. It can be pretty challenging to find textures on the internet.
  13. My Metropolis

    Wowww... too bad I can't register at SSP because it doesn't accept hotmail adresses. Would you consider uploading some of the textures that you used? I would love to try my hand at building my own 3D city. I'll be doing mine in 3ds Max though.
  14. My Metropolis

    I was thinking about doing something similar. Do you have more screenshots? I've love to look at them.
  15. WORLD

    I stand by comment that this is way better than Aesti Dominici ever was. Maybe it's just the photoshopping though, eh.