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  1. Landry Enterprises

  2. fun screen shots

    Was this house built on quick sand?
  3. Super Cash Park

    not bad but i think 4 billion is too much. Even if you had it set for $-5000 even that would have been enough. But still..not bad :-)
  4. Realistic car dealership and autocenter

    what does 'Custom Blank Lots' mean anyway? (I havent downloaded this lot yet.)
  5. fun screen shots

    MAN! you really analyzed that building... what do you think about the parking thats in the basement?
  6. Megaton Car Factory

    nice complex looking lot, but the 'dirty' thing doesnt sound nice. would have been better if it would have been a manufacturing industry (if not high-tech).
  7. Med BB

    little different? the house is different, the market looks different, the cottages look differet. Only the girl bathin in the swimming pools looks the same. ;-)