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  1. Car Crossover

  2. Cattala (AIN)

    You should really put this region, and your plugins file on for download at the end of this, these maps are amazing!!
  3. VDL "Citea" Bus

    It would be great if you could update this file to make the busses different colours, such as the trams, have the plain colour buses pack have busses with random colours, and the second pack make busses use the different liveries. that would be awesome!!!
  4. Tour Coach

    Thank you so much for these mods oppie, i got bored of SimCity within 2 minuites of playing it. with all these new mods coming out i am again playing it! Simcity is a terrible game without people like You. Also Great texture/mod i like the multiple textures.
  5. So, which value allows trams, i hate them not going along their tracks? (I do have a little OCD about my transport, you should have seen some of my simcity4 maps )
  6. Bombardier Cityrunner Tram

    Love the mod, just the trams only load 2 cars resulting in really odd looking trams, they change colour though, that is awesome!   Edit: it works fine(ish) on a different city, perhaps it was that bug you mentioned, anyway i can still see the bogies on the trams, perhaps another bug in loading the file? i dunno, great mod, they look amazing in my CBD along with those awesome looking ariva busses. Edit: It would be nice if the tram didn't change colour every time it stops. Again oppie, love your work on the modding of simcity!!!! i am really enjoying such simple changes as this. Thanks for fixing the game oppie!! Edit: Actually ignore that, bogies only show because of some setting i had on, works like a charm!
  7. Cities set up with one long loop.

    I see what you mean, using this design will get rid of the highway traffic to the moon and also allow traffic to flow very fast. Only drawbacks of this are that if you have unbuildable spaces (such as sea) you may end up wasting space or having awkward turns where you dont want. It would also create the sewage issue, where the sewage could be travveling for so long it turns to ground pollution, may be solved with 2 plants at eaither end of the road but apart from that. a good system to use.
  8. City of Melbourne - two mosaics by night

    I love how realistic those buildings look..... you should release the buildings you made on the STEX.
  9. Hello simtropolis modders.... after you guys manage to get in to the AI of the automata... can you please fix it. i have noticed how vehicles like going to the same place. such as having over 20 fire engines going to 1 fire >_< causing the rest of my city to burn to the ground which annoys me. and also if you can make automata prefer higher density roads... as thats a night mare for me. if you modders have not got as far as opening the AI files i really dont mind.... but i just know the AI is on a lot of peoples mind.