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  1. Archipelago

  2. Isle of Ree

  3. i can't run simcity 4 deluxe

    Hello! There are a few good reasons why that might happen: 1. You haven't reinstalled or updated your video / graphic card drivers. 2. You may need to get the Simcity 4 patches which i believe can be retrieved from here 3. For this one i would need to know why you chose to reinstall your windows 7. You could have a memory problem in which case you would want to run a memory scan. Look here for info 4. Perhaps you need to uninstall Simcity 4 Deluxe and reinstall it. 5. Last thing i can think of is scratched disks in which case you will need to buy new ones, borrow a friends, or purchase a digital copy from somewhere like amazon.
  4. Bastia



    Welcome to Bastia. 4097x2561 map, yup its big. 64x40 km aka 16x10 large cities This map features valleys, mountains, rivers, lakes, ponds, bays, islands, shores, and seas. Please use SC4Mapper to render this and most of all... have fun!
  5. Archipelago



    I've brought another hand-drawn greyscale map to you! This time its an archipelago. Its a tough map to build upon with little flat space and terrain that calls for more ferry transport than highways or rails. 1739x1739m region consists of 31 large cities which is expandable to upwards of 49 large cities (extra 18 are blacked out in config.bmp) if you desire to add more in sc4 terraformer. I recommend using SC4 Mapper to import the .sc4m and the config file. Please enjoy and lemme know what you think and if you intend to use it
  6. Isle of Ree

    Version 1


    Hello, this is the Isle of Ree! A fantasy map based from a fantasy map i found on the internet. I used the map as a loose base for coastlines, rivers and lakes, but hand-drew the mountains. It consists of 126 large cities. The config is 80x40 with much of the blank ocean blacked out. Install using SC4 Mapper and have fun!
  7. SC4Terraformer Support

    I know this is an old thread but i wanted to answer this user's question as I had one of the very same. I've found an app that allows you to resize nonresizable windows. Tutorial Page http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/11799/turn-non-resizeable-windows-into-rezieable-windows/ Download Page http://www.digitallis.co.uk/pc/ResizeEnable/ I can confirm it working, i'm running sc4 terraformer and it has been rezied to fit my 39" TV screen @ 1920x1080p resolution. The only drawback i can find is that the cursor doesn't match up with the brush, so just be wary of that. works great otherwise
  8. Buy Toothpaste, get Tourist Attractions

    Quoted from PC Gamer comments section: Fenny - "Maybe they figure it'll help wash the taste of the SimCity launch out of our mouths."
  9. April fools joke aside, its been a long time since i did any custom work for sc4 but aren't the .sc4model files simply a collection of rendered images and not the actual model?
  10. SimCity Update from Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis

    33 centuries of play = 3300 years = 1204500 days = 28,908,000 hours. Divide hours played by 1.1million copies and that gives you 26.28 hours played per customer. Factor in the amount of days the game has been released (23) and you get roughly 1.14 hours played per day per customer. Obviously that's divided equally and obviously not everyone plays the same amount of time. But it reflects poorly upon how many are playing the game. Please check the math if you would like. Typing this out on my phone so sorry for the block of text. And I did the math because I was curious, thought others might find it interesting as well. Edit: circumnavigating the earth 5000 times. 40075 km around the equator * 5000 = 200,375,000km. 200,375,000km / 1,100,00 copies sold = 182.16km per copy sold which is several cities Edited for wrong math Edit 2 (even mathier) On the note 750,000 active cities. I think someone could efficiently fit 40 km of road in each tile (10 x 10 roads (correct me on this if I'm wrong). ) 40km/ city x 750000 cities = 30,000,000 km. where's the other 170 million Km of roads? And I suppose the number could be lowered if they are calculating all roads laid and deleted.
  11. EA: "DRM is a failed dead-end strategy"

    perhaps they are attempting to shift blame to maxis.
  12. I would like to touch on number 2 here. While i never purchased the game, i did play two of the betas. In the betas i found that after placing one park along the road that i could select the park and "build" upon it away from the road much like adding school buses or classrooms to the school. However you are correct that it is a loss and we can't simply place a park wherever we please.
  13. New Closed Beta on Wed Feb 28

    you my friend make a fine point. For those who don't know Maxis is waiting until 6pm to perform a stress test of people logging into the game at once. testing the gates to see how many people can push against it before it collapses.
  14. New Closed Beta on Wed Feb 28

    was just about to post the very same thing. Phase testing indicates i was right. Download stress testing, followed by gameplay stress testing.
  15. New Closed Beta on Wed Feb 28

    yeah, i noticed that, would have been nice to cash in on existing files