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  1. If they could do this it'd be amazing.
  2. Codeword Contest Screenshots

    I got hullabaloo! Nice one with the ALT/title attributes. I'm kicking myself that I didn't see those earlier!
  3. Simtropolis Beta Key Giveaway!

    I can't get a key from that German site :S The field is just blank, even after I've logged in and subscribed to their newsletter!!
  4. Sydney, Australia

    Thanks! Yes, I also like Melbourne's roads, so much more sensible!! But Okay, here is the beginnings of my home town on north west Sydney... Here is where it is located in Sydney: This is the google earth map of Pitt Town: and this is what I have so far in Sim City: (had some stray trees... Anyone know if its possible to knock out individual trees without killing the lot underneath?) Overall I'm happy with the progress. I don't have too many custom lots, I'm going to need to search around for some nice ploppable houses I think... Area isn't growing the same as you can see the lots are larger in the sat picture. I've had to use farms for some of the houses on larger lots, so its not fantastic, but I think its coming along well! Next is the centre of Pitt Town which is just below this picture. One issue is trying to find some churches like I want.. There are 2 churches in Pitt Town, right next to each other, both old small sandstone churches. I found 2 on the stex, but one is too big and the other is a reward where I need a larger population :S So I might have to settle for something that is nothing like them. I'll see what I can do.
  5. Sydney, Australia

    Thanks to all your comments and encouragement, its very much appreciated! Yes, this will take a long time, probably be slow going, but with some patience and endurance it should work out. Well I got a start to it, I was playing around manly area as I said. I probably chose a bad area to start, the "deep end" if you will. Lots of complex roads at all different angles, and its a built up area, so obviously I can't just start with lots of apartments from nothing! While it wasn't as accurate as I hoped, it was going well, until I decided to play around with the config.bmp. I found you can add maps to the right/east. But putting them on the left/west causes existing cities to move over to the left as they obviously have an x,y coordinate based from the top-left... Well after playing around, I someone ended up erasing my manly that I started! Not to worry, it was just streets, some zones, trees and coastline at that point. However, because of what I've learnt, I think I'm going to change course and start from the west and work my way east as I can easily add new maps that way without any trouble. Now, because *I* live in the north-west, I will make a start from my house and work my way in. This is my "shallow end". I live in a spacious area with lots of land and roads are far apart, also farms around here, so it seems perfect to start with! I hope I don't disappoint those above who were eager to see manly! This also gives me time to suss out the stex some more as I need different things, as in manly I needed a lot more (walk ways, beaches, forest/bush walks, coastline stuff, college buildings, unique buildings, etc.). So as I move through the suburbs, it should be a more "gentle" ride. The only problem here is its going to take me a LONG time to get to the CBD, so I hope you guys aren't in a rush to see the bridge and opera house anytime soon! I'm going to make a start now, so I will post pictures up in a few hours hopefully! =)
  6. Sydney, Australia

    Hey guys, Sorry, no in-game pics yet! Hopefully tomorrow... But i've got some others below. I've been playing around with a few things, trying to work out scale and such. I've decided I'll make the map as I go, it'll be easier and hopefully more accurate! I won't be making the CBD first, I want to get some practice in with the outer lying areas before I jump into that. I'm going to start with manly and work my way down to North Sydney Then the CBD. Manly is probably the most far right/east part of sydney, so I'm going to work my way from there to the west. I just want to say I'm in love with google maps. Not only am I using google earth (more updated sat pics than google maps!) I can use google maps street directory mode thing to cross reference and see what buildings are... e.g. see what are schools, hospitals, etc. Here as you can see, manly is up on the right, then sydney city cbd in the lower middle. =)
  7. Sydney, Australia

    Hey Guys! I've decided to remake Sydney, Australia. Its where I live, and there are always things I think could make it better. However my first goal is to recreate it as much as possible. I plan to use google earth along side to guide me with an accurate recreation of as much as possible. I'm yet to *actually* start, but I will post as soon as I can (prob edit this post). Just wanted to get peoples quick opinions on weather I should start with a blank map or go for the Sydney map on the stex? I'm thinking scratch as I can just mimic the satellite photos for the water outline. Post more soon!!
  8. Show us your favorite skyline

    Sydney, Australia shots (also posted these elsewhere)... Click for larger images! =) Please note the maximum image size is 800 x 600 - MM
  9. Rail Trestle Over Highway

    awesome. just awesome.
  10. DEDWD Herald and Weekly Times Building

    woo looks great! congrats :) Good to see more aussie stuff too! :D