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  1. I also had a problem like this, but it happens even if there are lots of jobs nearby to the zone. A possible workaround to this is to save your city, exit to region, then re-enter the city again. Over time, the abandoned area should fix itself and the houses should be settled. It may take several reboots to go, but over time, the whole area should return to normal.
  2. Radical Ordinance V2.0

    all the ordinances work well except the reduce air/water/traffic one. Dunno why on that.
  3. In-game Texture Problem

    Actually, I think that did the trick. I switched to Software rendering and didn't experience any problems. I tested with the Windows key as well, and I didn't experience any graphic messups. I'm hoping that it won't mess up again. Thanks for the help!
  4. In-game Texture Problem

    It worked. Thanks.
  5. In-game Texture Problem

    The settings are set accordingly. I'm still getting problems, however. I did notice that my Antialiasing Gamma Correction and Transparency are both off. As for the pictures, I dunno. I set them as jpg and uploaded them to Imageshack, yet it still won't allow me to upload them to this thread.
  6. I just installed Simcity 4 Deluxe on Windows 7, and applied the EP1 update as well as move in the plugins I was using while playing the game on Windows XP. When I started to make my first city, over time I would experience flickering graphics throughout the game. Sometimes it would be minor, such as a texture out of place or a small segment of the screen out of color. Other times it would be severe, such as a stuttering blob of texture covering most of the screen or my buildings disappearing temporarily. Sometimes the problem goes away by zooming in and out, but sometimes not. Also, when I pause the game by pressing the Windows key, when I get back, the graphics act really crazy. I haven't encountered any CTDs from this. Any idea how I can fix this? Here is my system information. Processor: AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-Core Processor 2.20 GHz RAM: 3.00 GB Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT Hard Drive Capacity: 298 GB I also have some pictures relating to this problem, but have problems adding them. Could you help me on that as well?
  7. Underground Cheat Clinic and School

    Wow, looks pretty nice.
  8. What do you find is the most fun part of Simcity 4?

    Originally posted by: Llamacheese My favorite thing is the stupidity of the advisors- it's hilariously stupid that there messages complaining about water pollution when there's a dozen UFOs floating 'round downtown and grumping about not having enough streets in your metropolis which has avenues at 99999999999999999999% capacityquote> Agree. Especially the Env Advisor that keeps telling you ro plant more trees.
  9. What do you find is the most fun part of Simcity 4?

    The most fun part of playing SC4 to me would have to be the UDIs, and seeing those high-rises develop without sims getting unemployed.
  10. MEI Garage over Avenue

    Very great, original, and handy idea! will rly help me in my cities!
  11. NAM features won't build

    Are you using the current patch for Simcity 4? Perhaps you need to install those updates before you can get the NAM features. I had a problem like this once and when I installed the SC4 updates the NAM worked as it should?

    Very nice! Any dependencies though?
  13. Chicago, Illinois

    Looks nice, but where's the grayscale image of this region?
  14. Mayor Rating Glitch

    You sure about that? I mean I let my city run for about a year or two and the mayor rating shows no sign of increasing. In fact, it is now a tad in the negative zone. Also, I just noticed that the spike occurs once year 111 in Simcity terms begins. This might seem farfetched, but perhaps the year has something to do with the glitch? Most likely not.
  15. Hmm, do you use NAM? If so, is it possible that the building was placed near a roundabout or that sort? Because sometimes I'd place NAM items over buildings and they won't delete and when I highlight them the game crashes. Otherwise, was it near a highway overpass maybe?