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  1. Palmvale update 3 step by step

    thanks you hehe yeah, our architect thought it was good, oh well even they can make misstakes thank you:) thanks for the tip, i made it like this on purpose for the storyline A road here, a road there, hmmmm.... we should have a school nearby. Well hello there, i didn't expect you to see you so soon. i never imagined that creating a city would be this much fun, placing buildings like its nothing. almost feels like playing a videogame. but where are my manners, let me show you what has been added the soccer field looks great and very popular among the children of oakvale, next to it we added 2 tennis courts and a small jogging path, so there is some variety in sports. Oakvale just looks so beautiful in these hills, the windmill park has recieved alot of positivity, but we have to expand it soon. Let's go to Palmvale now oh, well i did not expected this, the city isn't even this big and already a traffic jam, that cant be good for the future of this city. after 10 minutes of waiting we are at the top of the intersection, the view is not that impressive, think i should remove the treep at the roundabout and create a mini park there for a better overview the central street of Palmvale, a city ment to shine, with this central street i'm sure it will shine. i decided to hire a helicopter to see how big the traffic problem is in the city, and beside the intersection the rest of the city luckily doesn't have a problem, though from high up here you get a great view of Palmvale. Well,i landed and i headed back home, i saw a small amount of letters, people from Oakvale are complaining, they want to go to travel to Palmvale but not by car, they want by train and bus, sheesh people can be demanding sometimes, some people from Oakvale are also complaining about the lack of city services. Guess i was wrong, building a city isn't that easy at all, hopefully i fix all of these problems as quickly as possible.
  2. very interesting layout, curious to see more of this city
  3. lovely surroundings a great start on this new map
  4. cant believe in such a short time of the game release such an impressive city has been created, just amazing
  5. Arijns - 2. Vlieland

    a nice start, you used that island very well, cant wait for more
  6. so that's how new airplanes are being made
  7. nice update as usual, love the city hall photo
  8. Palmvale update 3 step by step

    thank you for those encouraging words thanks, i hope i can make something interesting on it hope you get more intrigued then well hello there, welcome to Palmvale, well Palmvale, not yet, i decided to play it small with a village, i called it oakvale, sounds funny don't you think. here, let me show you what has changed since our last visit now when people go this place those windmills will be the first thing they see, it's the start of a big windmill park here it is, the small village of Oakvale, close to the highway, we want healthy children so they must do sports, boys will surely love this, now i just need something for girls. ofcourse girls are more then welcome to player soccer. a lovely view of Oakvale at the other side of the intersection are the public services, so they can help, the village, the nearby farms but also help quickly if any accidents happen on the highway. the first few farms of Oakvale, we hope more will come in the future and while thinking of ways to expand this place i recieved a letter of the goverment, its basicly says that highway is done, so i decided to follow it. interesting, a big open valley, 2 islands nearby, a perfect setting, i have to thank the goverment for this small gift, it looks quite amazing, more then i could ever ask for. this means i have to change my plans, but i'm sure next time, i can reveal more of my plans for this new location
  9. just love this city, i followed this before i started posting stuff, its one big source of inspiration
  10. Hauoli - An island paradise? Or is it.

    lovely start can't wait to see more
  11. love this city, especially the mine and i have to try out those sun mods
  12. funny to see how well designed this game is even with floods the traffic stays quite realistic, but great looking city so far, noticed one thing, in your first update, the highway exit, both sides are the same way, was that on purpose or by accident?
  13. what to do, what to do, i can't eve..... oh hello there, didn't notice you. guess you heard me talking to myself and yes i'm quite worried. i just finished my study and already the goverment put me in charge of creating a new city. well, my grades were expectional compared to the other students but still i never expected this to happen. i dont even know where to begin, i'm stressing out, it's such a huge responsabilty they gave me and this map, i keep looking at it, hoping for ideas but, but..... oh screw it, come, lets drive to this location, perhaps i get some ideas and some company would be nice. wow this view is rather impressive and we just arrived here. on a hill i took a photo of this intersection, i like it, i must find the creator of this intersection, love his style. from the same hill you get a great view of the nearby plain, looks to me like a good place to start a city. wow this these waterfall are impressive, well sure not as impressive as the niagara falls but still, tourists will love this. it's time to head home, i think i got plenty of ideas now. that mountain from earlier looks quite impressive from here, well thank you for your company, this roadtrip was certainly a good idea, i'm certain i can make this location my home and not just for me but thousands of others aswel. next time, come and visit me, i'm sure i got some progress by then, the coffee always stands ready for you